Popp, originally Pop prior to Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020), is the deuteragonist[1] in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and its animated adaptations.


According to The Adventure of Dai - Avan's Disciples, he got his magic booster staff by stealing it from Avan while he was sleeping in an attempt to impress girls. Upon hearing this he gives the staff to Popp as a gift.

Popp is always wearing a bandana. As a student of Avan, he wears green plain clothes embroided with Avan's emblem on a poncho-like garment that he removes while sleeping.

When landing on Romos, he wore a poncho over his tradition green clothes.

After the battle at Romos Castle and the destruction of his Magic Booster, he was given new wayfarer's clothes with a different embroidment and a magic stick. It included a cape held by a brooch with a wave pattern but it was destroyed when Hyunckel reflected a Sizz spell at him in their first fight.

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After the battle at Valge Island, given Matoriv gave him his shining staff, sorcerer's cape and cursed weird belt which Popp wears over his wayfarer's clothes.

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Weapons and Armours

Initially, Popp used a set of clothes with a symbol of Avan on it's center and a magic amplifier.

After the battle against Crocodine he left the clothes he received from Avan at Romos and started weating wayfarer's clothes he was gifted by the king of Romos. He also has a dagger worn on the right side of his back, seen on and off.

At the end of the clash arc, he wears Matoriv's mantle and cursed belt, a belt buckle that cannot be removed, shortly before the battle against the Hydra and then Baran.

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Leona later gave to him magic clothes that were made with the same material as Dai clothes for him to use over his wayfarer's clothes, but they were burn by Vearn's frizz.His wayfarer's clothes was burned by Vearn.

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Popp debuts in the story as a well behaved boy that served as Avan current student, and quickly became Dai's friend. Popp was, however, characterized by a cowardly streak and a tendency to avoid hardships, refusing to take the harder courses from Avan due to their seemingly high difficulty. Avan was worried about this but hoped his time with Dai could change him for the better.

After Avan's death, he was decided to travel with Dai to avenge their master and help Leona as Dai had promised. However, Popp's cowardice made him abandon his teammates twice, something that disgusted Maam. Although genuinely worried for his friends, it wasn't until Masopho shared his own life experience abandoning his teammates and ending as a crook that Popp realized he would end up the same, and was able to find the courage to stand up for his friends rather than live in eternal dishonour.

Although he still gets somewhat easily scared against powerful adversaries, he has forsaken his escaping habits, and has proven himself a resourceful and fairly intelligent combatant, able to quick think his way through victory. His ability to find solutions in the heat of battle and even to prepare ahead have proven useful in many significant fights, shown when he was able to negate Crocodine's unfair advantage, and even find a weakness in Hyunckel's otherwise impenetrable armour.

He also develops a crush on Maam, which many around him notice, although he doesn't come front about it.



Popp is the son of an arms merchant who fled home to become Avan's pupil after seeing his strength.

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Birth Arc

Popp goes to Dermline with his master Avan when the evil influence of Hadlar made the monsters of the Island go berserk. After Avan casts Glimmer and expels the evil influence of the island, Avan introduces himself as a hero tutor and Popp as his student. Saying that he came to the island as a request of Papnica's royal family, Avan offers his special hard training to turn Dai in a hero in a week, surprising Popp because that course would be like torture and is surprised by Dai accepting the offer.

At that moment, two gargoyles attacked the island, one being killed by Pop and the other by Dai wielding Avan's "distinguished legendary sword" (actually just a normal sword worth 10 G that was broken on the following day), because Pop was under the effect of Fizzle.

Serving as a supervisor of Dai's training at first, Popp started to act as a partner. Although Dai excelled at swordsmanship to the point of learning Earth Slash by Day two, he lacked any magic talent. When trying to freeze a wave with crack, Dai fails miserably and Popp shows him how to do it, but Avan tells that Popp lacks concentration and the wave was not fully freezed.

After seeing Avan Strash for the first time, Dai starts the training to learn the technique while Popp do his own training to not fall behind as a pupil of Avan. Gome calls Popp for help during his training when Avan uses Puff! against Dai, but when Popp arrives Dai had already managed to pass Avan's test and mastered the Wave Slash.

At this moment, the revived Hadlar appears and faces Avan, being way stronger now. With no other choice, Avan casts Kaclang on Pop, Dai, Brass and Gomechan, then proceeds to give his students his insignia as a proof of their graduation even though Dai only completed three days of training. Avan casts Kamikazee giving his life to only damage the former Dark Lord, however this sacrifice served to make Dai use his dragon crest and defeat Hadlar by using Avan Strash for the first time. Hadlar, after having both of his arms cut off, retreats with a chimaera wing.

At that night, Popp cried himself to sleep, but at the next day he decides to go with Dai to Romos to meet the king before going to Papnica.

Gathering Arc

Popp and Dai get lost in the Dark Forest near Romos during three days by following Dai's map that he drew during the Fake Heroes incident, meeting up with a little girl who was being attacked by some monsters. The monster that Popp defeated then gets up and attacks them from behind, being saved by Maam with her magical gun who then mocks Pop's spell rod. Maam introduces herself as a girl that lives in Nayle Village near Romos and the small girl as Mina, who was searching for an antidotal herb for her mother suffering from a Poison Slime. Maam explains that the forest is the Dark Forest, a forest that resembles a labyrinth since the return of the Dark Lord.

After Popp argues with Maam, he goes with Dai further into the forest forgetting Gome behind. They encounter a sleeping Infanticore that wakes when Popp makes a noise and create a fire with sizzle. Suddenly a war cry is heard and the Chimera flees, with the arrival of the general Crocodine. Crocodine eats Pop's Frizz spell, and then tells he was ordered to kill Dai. Popp then flees meeting with the infanticore again.

Maam saves Popp and defeats the Chimera, leaving her Avan pendant visible to Pop, that grabs her breast surprised that she is a pupil of Avan (making Popp to be hit as a result).

About to be killed, Dai is saved by Maam's tingle bullet and Crocodine's armed is frozen by the bullet that Popp filled with crackle. Crocodine is then blinded by dawn light, and Dai cuts his left eye.

Arriving at Maam's village, the party meets Leira, Maam's mother who journeyed with Avan in the past, but they didn't reveal Avan's fate to her. Dai trains with the village elder during one day and learns Frizz. Maam decides to join the party after discovering, without the two boys knowing, about her teacher's death when Dai tells the village elder, and the trio goes to Romos.

Reaching the capital too late at night, the party isn't allowed to enter the castle until morning and decides to to rest at the inn where they find Derolin, Zurbon, Masopho and Herohero, the Fake Heroes who kidnapped Gome in the past. They apologize to the boy after a small racket saying that they washed their hands of thievery. The following day, Crocodine invades the castle with his monster troop in search of Dai. Dai goes alone to the castle to face Crocodine.

Maam after dressing up say that they should hurry and go to help Dai, but the Fake Heroes decline and Popp says that Dai should be fine by himself. Maam punches Popp after seeing how he would abandon his friend, and goes alone to the castle.

Popp shows some kind of regret for not going with to castle with his friends, but keep insisting they will be fine. Masopho then comes to the boy after stealing some gold left behind by the citizens and asks if he isn't going to go to the battle. Masopho takes his crystal ball and asks if Popp wants to see how the battle is going. Popp sees Dai laying on the ground and Maam being tangled by a monster and gets worried, Masopho then tells he wanted to be a great mage too, but was too scared to fight monsters stronger than him, and kept abandoning his friends until he decided to become thief under Deroline. Masopho than says that a hero isn't someone strong but someone with courage to stand up and help those in need. Popp then muster his courage and goes to the castle, even with Deroline and Zulbon saying that Masopho pushed him to his death.

Popp appears to fight Crocodine, and even thought he's way weaker than the lizard man, he keeps getting up until he is able to cast Glimmer on Brass. Dai then gets up with his Dragon Crest activated, destroying Zaboera's eye monster and freeing Maam. Dai is able to crush the Vacuum Axe with his hand. Crocodine then use's his move again, and Dai takes a soldier sword thrown from Popp to him, and strikes back with Avan Strash defeating the monster.

After the battle Dai and his party are branded as heroes and receive new armours. The group takes a ship to deliver Brass back to Dermline, and then proceeds to Papnica.

Arriving at Papnica port, the place is already in ruins and Hyunckel greets the party after showing then the Earth Slash and Avan's pendant. However Hyunckel then says he despises Avan and still wants revenge against him and his students. Hyunckel summons his skeletons subordinates and attacks the party. Hyunckel counters the Earth Slash, Wave Slash and Avan Strash itself, as it was stated by the same it was a incomplete technique. Hyunckel shows his demon sword that can be equipped as an armour whose visor could be used as a sword. The armor reflects all magic at Popp and Maam, and Dai is almost by Hyunckel sword technique Bloody Scraid. if wasn't for Mamm pushing him. She tries to use dazzle, but the warrior is immune to it and knocks her down. Dai tries to hit Hyunckel's face with frizz but misses and is almost killed if wasn't for Crocodine arriving at last moment to intercept the attack and send both Popp and him away with a Garuda.

Leaving Crocodine and Maam behind against their will, Popp and Dai are rescued by Baduck, a soldier of Papnica. The old man reveals that Leona is alive ad with her three strongest guards and that she is hopeful that Dai can save her kingdom.

Pop guesses that even though Hyunckel's armour was immune to magic, since it was made of metal, it would still conduct electricity, saying that if Dai could cast zapple they could win. Since Dai isn't a good spellcaster, Popp would use the weather controlling spell Reclimatise to call forth rain clouds so Dai could cast the lightning spell. After training the entire Dai while Baduck watched them, they decided that in following Dai they would invade the Underground Palace and rescue Maam. In the morning, arriving at the entrance, Popp asked for Baduck to stay behind, looking out for any possible enemy. Reaching the bottom floor, Popp and Dai were chased by the undeads of the castle. They were led to the castle battlegrounds where Hyunckel was already waiting for them. Dai distracts Hyunckel while Popp casts Ranarion. Dai throws his sword away and casts Zapple on the commander that resists the attack and defeats the duo. Maam who was able to escape her cell with the help of Gome, reached the battleground to find Dai fainted and trying to explain to Hyunckel about his father, as she has found his final message in a Secret Shell. While Hyunckel listens to his late father words, discovering that Hadlar was his murder, Dai unconsciously develops the Flame Earth Slash, combining a spell with a melee strike, which is strong enough to break Hyunckel's armour (since the Armamentalists and their Flame Slash did not exist until the release of VI, this is a first in the franchise). Hyunckel used his Undead Control again to bind Dai, that with Popp's help manages to use a lightning slash (zapple combined with the incomplete Avan Strash) and defeats the warrior. Flazzard appears at the end making the volcano erupt, saying that his plans was to kill both Hyunckel and Dai independent of the battle's result. The undead army was annihilated, and Hyunckel at his final moments understands Crocodine's feelings and sacrifices himself to save Dai and his friends.

Meeting with Baduck again, Dai asks him to make a new protector for him while Popp and Maam discusses Hyunckle fate. The four of them goes back to the port to look for some flares to try to communicate with Leona, but unfortunately Dai explodes all of them with his Flame Slash. A moment later Aimi, one of the three wise sages of Papnica arrives in a balloon with other soldiers, saying that the princess is alive at the Island tower.

Clash Arc

After Flazzard seemingly kills Hyunckel, Maam asks Popp whether he thinks that the warrior survived, the mage saying that he probably did. The party along with Baduck meet Aimi that takes then to Valge Island Tower where Leona was hiding. When the party arrives Flazzard was already attacking the princess.

Dai faces Flazzard with his Flame Earth Slash, but when the monster realizes his disadvantage he raises the Fire and Ice tower that seals all humans magic power and aura. Dai continues to fight and cuts Flazzard ice arm even though he is being pummeled non-stop by the general. Maam than says to Dai that they need to escape and make plan, but he refuses so Maam knocks him out and runs to the balloon, but Flazzard charges a Kafrizz to throw at then and Maam counters by throwing a Magical gun bullet loaded with sizz at his finger, resulting in a explosion that destroyed his fire arm.

Making their escape in the balloon with Maam, Popp, Aimi along with uncounscious Marin, Apollo, and Dai and some other surviving soldiers, they are taken down by some Dancing flame and falls near a cave in Valge.

Inside the cave they find Matoriv and Maam recognizes him greeting just to have her breast and butt groped by him. Matoriv first refuses to help then saying that he don't want help due to the last time he helped save the world he didn't received enough recognition for his acts. Dai then yells at him saying that true heroes doesn't seek praise for their acts, making Matoriv see Avan on the boy. Matoriv see that Popp is a mage and take him for training in the Magical Forest leaving the craft of a bomb that would destroy the towers. Popp trains inside the lake to learn Zoom. Popp arrives just in time to participate in the mission to destroy the two towers, after learning both Zoom and Sizzle.

The team is composed of Dai and Baduck to destroy the fire tower, and Popp and Maam for the ice tower. Matoriv accelerates their boat for them to reach the island. and after arriving they split up unknown to them that Zaboera was watching. Baduck's bomb is destroyed way too far from the tower because Zaboera and Myst-Vearn division got in the way.

Popp and Maam are faced with Hadlar division and Maam is almost killed, but Popp shields her from the Sizzle spell of the Demon. Popp show the results of his training and uses sizzle to counter Hadlar's spell, and use the bomb to destroy some of the henchmans. Hadlar that wasn't even fazzed by Popp's spell, grabs Maam by her neck and tries to impale her at the ice tower, but Hyunckel arrives at the last moment to destroy the tower and save her, while Crocodine went to help Dai. Maam hugs Hyunckel saying she is glad that he survived the lava (making Popp jealous). Hyunckel asks to Popp to take Maam and head for the Valge Tower while he would fight Hadlar.

Dai meets up with Popp and Maam after the two towers collapse, and in their way they see Hyunckel's Pearly Gates from far away. Popp and Dai speak how this move has a feeling equal to Avan's Megante, but Maam says that they should not go back and head for the Valge Tower.

Arriving at the Main tower, Dai, Popp and Maam falls in trap consisting of Dancing Flames and Rockbombs, and then Flazzard grabs Maam's leg while hiding underground and tries to slam her on the ground, but his arm is cut off by Crocodine's Vacuum Axe. Hyunckel also appears revealing to have survived his battle. Flazzard then rounds his rockbombs and take off his badge that he had received from Vearn and uses his most powerful technique, turning his body in small rocks and attacking the party. When everyone is almost defeated, Maam tries to use Heal the others, but Flazzard steps on her arm. Dai learns the Air Slash and destroys Flazzard Core, splitting Flazzard in two halves which the ice one is burned by Popp. Myst-Vearn then appear with a Dead Armour and give Flazzard one final chance to redeem himself by using that armour. Flazzard overpowers Dai in the battle, but is defeated by Avan Strash. Myst-Vearn then killed Flazzard for his failure. After the battle Dai faints and Maam carries him to Leona. The ice that was covering the Princess didn't melt and Popp spells weren't strong enough to save her. Maam suggests that combining sizz with Kafrizz in the Magical gun could defrost Leona, but it could destroy her last memento of Avan, her weapon. She then decides that she would do it for the princess, but Popp had no more power so Dai in a surge of rage uses his crest powers and cast Kafrizz in her bullet. Maam defrosts Leona and destroy her gun as a result.

Destiny Arc

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After the celebration of victory, during the following day, Popp trains with Matoriv and Day by the beach. After returning to the castle they are surprised that Maam wants to leave the party to train in martial arts with a master called Brokeena back at Romos. Leona courages Popp to take her with Zoom and try to show his feelings for her (actually her intention was just to laugh at his face while being rejected). Popp accidentally takes her to the Magical Forest, because it was the place they met. After saying their parting words Popp zoomed back to Papnica. After talking with Matoriv, his master then gives him his shining staff, sorcerer's cape and cursed weird belt which Popp wears over his wayfarer's clothes.

Popp arrives at the castle just as Dai and Leona were escaping in the balloon and manages to get a grip at the rope and go with them. The three of them go to Bengarna to buy armour at the department store. Leona sells her royal clothing and uses the money to buy Dai an armour. Leona also tries a Dancer's costume (and other clothes in the 1991 version), making Popp embarrassed, but in the end she buys a Wayfarer's clothes.

The Dragon Legion then attacks the city leaded by Kill-Vearn with the objective of testing Dai's Dragon knight power. Popp is able to immobilise the green dragon with the gravity spell he learned with his master, Donk, but is unable to defeat them. Dai fight the dragons and defeat then, but the people from the city starts to fear Dai super-human strength. That is when Nabara and Merle appear, and the old lady reveals that Dai is a dragon knight and he should go to Teran to visit the Dragon Knight Temple.

While Dai is inside the submerged temple, the party waits outside, when Baran comes out from the temple assaulting Dai. Popp uses his spells to attack the Dragon division leader while Leona supports the two boys with healing spells. Dai is defeated by Gigagash and thrown at the lake. Crocodine arrives to help and tries to convince him that he is wrong. Getting tired of trying to take Dai away by force, Baran uses his dragon crest to resonate with his son's to erase the boys memories. Baran, exhausted, then leaves saying that he will be back to take his son the next day.

Leona, Nabara and Merle keep watch over the amnesic boy, but Popp refuses to see his friend as a weakling and tries to make him recover his memories by force, but it fails. Leona takes Dai to be protected in the basement of Teram castle. Popp pretends to run away, being questioned by Crocodine and Leona, but without then knowing goes alone to fight Baran and his three Dragon riders.

The Dragon Army are confronted by Popp on their way to Teran, and the Dragon Riders say that Baran can go ahead that they will kill the mage. Galdandy fights first and keeps torturing Popp after beating him, until Popp sees an opening and kills Galdandy favourite dragon, making the birdman enraged. When Popp is about to be killed, Hyunckel comes and save him, Galdandy then saying he will be the one to kill both Popp and the traitor former commander of the undead army, but Hyunckel says that Popp is more than enough to kill the Dragon Rider. Popp resumes his fights and takes advantage of the wound that Hyunckel had inflicted on Galdandy's wing, and with a close range Bang using the remaining Magic Power he had, Popp killed his enemy.

Hyunckel easily beats Borahorn, and says that he came here with the objective of saving Baran from his hatred of humans, Hyunckel is determined to stop the Dragon knight from taking Dai, but first he has to defeat Larhalt, Baran's adoptive son and the last Dragon Rider stading. Larhalt also use a armor crafted by Lon Berk, the Demon Magical Armor Lance that surpass the sword version. Hyunckel is rapidly defeated but is able to defeat the dragon rider by using Pearly Gates at close range when he was about to be finished. Larhalt at his final moments asks for Hyunckel to cleanse Baran from his hatred and save Dino from, giving his lanc as a memento.

Hyunckel and Popp arrive to face Baran, but doesn't pose as any challenge. Baran then transforms in the Demon-Dragon-Man and beats the entire party. When Baran is about to the destroy the whole kingdom with DoruAura, Dai comes out and the casting of the spell is stopped.

Popp tries to defeat Baran by mimicking Avan by casting Megante and sacrificing himself, but the spell fails. However it made Dai recovers his memories. Dai, that now could use the Dragonic Aura, destroyed the Papnica Sun Knife in the battle as result of his own overwhelming new powers.

Leona, injured to the point of not being able to walk, crawls to Popp and tries to bring him back with Zing, but the spell fails. While Dai was battling Merle used Heal on Hyunckel and Crocodine.

While dead, Popp hallucinates with Gome calling him back to life, saying that he can't go to the other world yet, and that Dai needs him. The corpse of Popp is then able to cast a fire spell against Baran to distract him.

After Baran is defeated, he goes and give his blood to Popp, saying that he could revive if he had enough will, that actually happening.

While everyone was tired from the battle, Popp was energized without knowing the reason. He went outside for patrolling when he met with Maam. He felt strange as she should be at Romos training right now. She confessed her feelings for him, but it was actually a fake Maam created by Zaboera that paralyzed Popp. Hadlar and Zaboera reveal themselves after casting a Snooze on the cottage and going to kill Dai. Their plan was thwarted when Matoriv appeared lauching Frizz Cracker at them. Matoriv, however had serious health problems and couldn't use powerful spells for too long, so then Dai appears, now with the full control of his Dragon knight Crest and easily blow Hadlar and Zaboera away with Sizzle.

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Holy Sword Arc

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After going to Papnica, Popp and Dai receive a panflet about the Sword of Champions being a prize at the tournament at Romos.

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Epic Challenge Arc

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When Myst-Vearn retreats, Popp follows behind in a surge of anger after Papnica was destroyed by the Dark army assault. Dai follows him until the Field of Death. Popp is caught in Kill-Vearn trap and is almost killed when Dai, who was already tired from the battle at Papnica, rescues him. Hadlar appears at the battle showing his new Hyper Demon form. Hadlar defends the Avan Strash with the Sword of Champions. Popp escapes while carrying Dai but Hadlar catches them. Dai uses Gigagash against the Hyper Demon and the battle ends in a draw. Popp escapes leaving Dai behind while being chased by Kill-Vearn. Crocodine appears and create a distraction to let them both escape. When Popp arrives, everyone were disapointed for him leaving his friend behind, regretting his decision but it could not be helped as he was no match for Kill-Vearn. Crocodine and Chiu go search for Dai leaving Popp behind. Popp then asks if anyone has a Magic water, with Aimi saying that Marin has it. Popp goes to her and insist for her to give him, pulling her skirt and exposing her underwear (making Popp being slapped in the process). Popp flies fast and meets with Crocodine on his way to the Field of Death.

Chiu uses a Healslime to help find Dai in the glacier, but only finds his circlet. Dai uses his crest to create a beam of light signalizing to Popp and Crocodine his location. Zaboera's division come to assassinate Dai and Popp. Crocodine tries to hold them back while Popp and Chiu carries Dai. Zaboera appears in front of Dai and uses Mahoplus to kill all of them. Hym comes and save then from the attack, and say that Zaboera is despicable for his dishonourable acts and take him away, saying to Popp he will be waiting for someone who is strong enough to pose for him and Hadlar a challenge.

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Popp is a standard Mage, whose expertise is expectedly on spellcasting. After one year of training under Avan he's able to cast spells like Kafrizz and Crackle, the former of which is powerful enough to roast a Gargoyle in a single blast, and the latter is able to freeze a large wave of seawater. His tendency to not take challenges seriously enough of resulted in the water cracking easily when Avan tested the ice's hardness, noticing he lacked focus, and also got himself under a Fizzle he could have avoided. He displayed mild competence in close quarters combat when practicing with Dai.

By the time he faced Crocodine, his Frizz was easily blown by the beast commander with a mere exhalation, although his Kafrizz was powerful enough that it earned Crocodine's praise, even if it didn't inflict any damage due to the wind shield created by his axe. Popp showcased some impressive physical resilience for a mage, even after getting slammed by Crocodine's brutal attacks being able to stand up despite receiving punishing blows. His magical competence was also shown when he was able to cast Glimmer in the heat of battle, despite only observing it from Avan once. Although not as strong as his master's it was still sufficiently sturdy to fend Crocodine off. Even Zaboera himself was impressed at this feat.

When fighting against Hyunckel, he learned Reclimatise being able to bring forth storm clouds which Dai could use to cast Zapple allowing them both to bypass Hyunckel's otherwise magic immune armor by exploting its metallic properties which conduct electricity, demonstrating a high level of intelligence and strategizing in the process. When practicing this tactic, it was noted that both Popp and Dai were casting spells non-stop for several hours, before eventually collapsing, but showcasing a rather high amount of magical capacity despite being the first time he casted Reclimatise and was therefore not accustomed.

Further during the Clash arc, Popp received a harsh one day training from a harder than Avan's Special Hard Course session by Matoriv, which greatly enhanced his overall magic output and ability to control magical power in general. As a result of said training he was able to learn Zoom and in the heat of the moment, cast Sizzle against Hadlar's own and overpower the latter, despite having his body upgraded to be stronger than his encounter on Dermline Island.

During the Destiny arc, Popp was capable of using Donk which was so powerful it could defeat as many as three dragon monsters instantly, although it required the lion's share of his magical power to cast. His overall offensive power is also much better as he could defeat Galdandy of the dragon riders, whose power is said to rival that of the Legion Commanders with a single, point-blank blast of Boom even though Popp was already magically exhausted. Popp was able to tap onto his life force to cast Kamikazee to perform a single, incredibly powerful suicide attack, which was capable of injuring the Dragon Knight Baran in his strongest Dragonoid form and despite the defense of his dragonic aura. Although the attack only caused shallow injuries, this was mostly a result of Baran being able to shake Popp off in the nick of time during a moment of distraction. Even Baran admitted that had he taken the entire blow he could have incurred in potentially fatal damage, which through a single comparison means that Popp's own Kamikazee was drastically superior to that of Avan's.



Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai  
Spell Level Learnt
Frizz 18
Frizzle 18
Kafrizz 18
Crack 18
Crackle 18
Sizz 27
Sizzle 27
Bang 27
Donk 27
Reclimatise 27
Zoom 27
Toberūra 27
Kercrack 30
Boom 30
Midheal 51
Fullheal 51
Frizz Cracker 51

He learned Sizz shortly before his first encounter with Hyunckel, bound with Reclimatise before their fight in the Underground Palace and mastered Sizzle against Haldar on Valge Island.

Matoriv taught him Zoom on their first training.

He also used the forbidden Finger Flare Bombs spell and Glimmer by breaking his magic booster's gem. He also seemed to use kazing.





  • Popp was created to represent the audience, while Dai was superhuman,[1] and his name was chosen to represent that, as in "pop artist".
  • Popp was so unpopular in his first chapters that the Shueisha's editor was pushing for the writer to kill him but the writer managed to convince him otherwise by stating that he was to be the Krillin of the story.[1]

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