Port Haven is a town in VI, located southwest of Alltrades Abbey . It is where the Hero and Carver meet Milly. There is a boathouse in the town with a ship that sails between Port Haven and Somnia.


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The Hero first comes here when he and Carver fall down the hole in the ground that leads to Alltrades Abbey in the "Phantom World". While in the town, they witness Ivy, the innkeeper's daughter, putting something into the food Ella, maid of the Mayor, was making for the Mayor's dog, Mr. Barkington. Ella is accused of poisoning Mr. Barkington, and is put in jail. The Hero then meets Milly, and she takes the Hero and Carver to Madame Luca's, so they can become visible in the Phantom World. On the Hero's second trip to Port Haven, they find that Ella has been sent with a man who is traveling the world. The player then catches a ship to Somnia.

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Weapon shop

Dragon Quest VI (DS)
Item Price Attributes
Thorn Whip 350 G +19 Attack, hits one group
Boomerang 420 G +15 Attack, hits all
Stone Axe 550 G +15 Attack
Iron Claw 700 G +21 Attack
Chain Sickle 1100 G +27 Attack

Other languages

Other languages
German Heimhafen
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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