Portoga is a kingdom and a castle town found in Dragon Quest III. It is a seafaring kingdom of many sailing vessels and a high trade industry, and its location in the world corresponds to Portugal in the real world.


Dragon Quest III

Portoga is ruled by a king who has a particular fondness for the fiery flavor of black pepper. Black pepper is a rarity in the West, however, and it is said to grow in the East; the kingdom has attempted eastern expeditions for more pepper, and many have died in the attempts due to the ferocious monsters.

When the hero arrives in Portoga looking for a ship, the king promises to award them his flagship in exchange for black pepper. He gives the hero the Royal missive, to present to Nordy the Dwarf and gain passage through the mountain chain's tunnel. When the hero returns with the black pepper, he honors his promise and gives them his ship.

Afterwards, it is mentioned that Portoga has established trade routes with the eastern countries.

Remake changes

The king of Portoga now has an adviser in the throne room to save Hero's progress.


Nearby monsters


  • The value that the king places on common pepper is based on the history of the plant in the middle ages, when it had become very difficult to acquire after the fall of the Roman empire and the collapse of the empire's trade routes to India. Pepper had become a luxury item due to its strong flavor and rarity, and demand increased to the point that in 1498, the Portuguese had sailed around the African continent to establish a new trade route with India and avoid the Arab bandits that had made land travel impossible.

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