The pot lid is a recurring shield in the Dragon Quest series. It is commonly a novelty item and has very weak protection attributes, but it can usually be equipped by characters who cannot wield heavier shields.


Dragon Quest III

The pot lid has a defence bonus of +2. It can be equipped by any class. It can be purchased for 50 gold coins in Aliahan, and sold for 37. The pot lid only appears in remake versions.

Dragon Quest V

The pot lid has a defence bonus of +2.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VII

The pot lid has a defence bonus of +2, but reduces style by 20. It can be equipped by all characters and is sold in Estard for 40 gold.

Dragon Quest VIII

The pot lid offers a defence bonus of +2 and can only be equipped by Yangus and Jessica. It can be purchased in Peregrin Quay for 40 gold and sold for 20. It can also be dropped rarely by Canniboxes and commonly by Mecha-mynahs. The pot lid can be turned into a leather shield by combining it with a magic beast hide in the Alchemy Pot.

Dragon Quest IX



Dragon Quest IX
Location Info
Angel Falls buy
Wooper trooper (#017) steal/win, common, 1/16

Equipping characters


DQ9 Warrior IconPriest IconMage IconMinstrel IconDQ9ArmamentalistIconDQ9SageIconDQ9LuminaryIcon

Dragon Quest XI

The pot lid has a defence bonus of +2 and a block chance of 5%.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors


There is a 200 point bonus for completing a level with this shield equipped. The bonus is 1000 points if it is equipped along with the other items which are the weakest in their category.


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