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Powie yowie is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series.


It is a furry white yeti and is known for its relatively strong attack, which involves the beast slapping its hands together, causing grievous bodily harm.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest IV[]

#76 - Powie yowie
Beast Family
DQ4-076-Powie yowie HP MP Attack Defence Agility
75 0 65 35 25
Exp Gold Drop Fur coat
85 38 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Chilly Breath
Haunts at:
Imperial Pantry of Parthenia

Dragon Quest V[]

#49 - Powie yowie
Beast Family
Powie yowie HP MP Attack Defence Agility
68 0 56 40 23
Exp Gold Drop Holy water
49 37 G
Normal attack
War Cry
Haunts at:
Coburg area
Coburg Castle Dungeon

Dragon Quest X[]

# - Powie yowie
Beast Family
No Image HP MP Attack Defence Weight
350 37 106 108 514
Exp Gold Drop Ice crystal (Common)
Lambswool (Rare)
113 5 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Chilly Breath
Tongue Bashing
Haunts at:

Monsters series[]

Dragon Warrior Monsters[]

# - Yeti
Beast Family
HP Wisdom Attack Defence Agility
3/5 5/5 2/5 3/5 5/5
Description: Its body is covered with a thick fur.
Spells and Abilities
IceBolt (Lv. 6)
IceSlash (Lv. 12)
WarCry (Lv. 15)
How to breed:
Any Beast family monster X Orc
IronTurt / Goategon / WildApe / MadCat X Pteranod / Gasgon / Swordgon / MadDragon / BattleRex / SkyDragon

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2/Joker 2 Professional[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D[]

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca's Marvelous Mysterious Key[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3/Joker 3 Professional[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

Mystery Dungeon series[]

Torneko: The Last Hope[]

Battle Road series[]

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II/Legend & Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory[]

Skill/Spell Description
Chohatsu Allows the monster to go first. Counters with Bunretsu if attacked during the turn the skill is activated.
Snowball Spits out a snowball that hurts all enemies.
Crackle Pierces all enemies with magical icicles.

Heroes series[]

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Builders series[]

Dragon Quest Builders[]

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]


Powie yowie Iceloth Yeti Yeti Yeti

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Yéti yétu
German Schneestrolch
Yeti (M)
Spanish Yowie
Italian Poveruomo delle nevi
Yeeteeh (DQH2, DQB2)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Iéti
Russian Unknown
Chinese 雪怪
Korean 예티

Notable Powie Yowies[]

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