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Pratfall is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VII 3DS[]

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DQX - Naburetto

Dragon Quest IX[]

Making its debut, it is learned when 16 skill points are invested into the Minstrel's Litheness skill tree, targeting a group of enemies and will put them in a state of laughter if successful. It costs 0 MP to use.

Dragon Quest X[]

Learned when 4 skill points are invested into the Litheness skill tree, it can make 1 enemy laugh through the pan falling on head gag and raises the user's Tension by 1 level, if successful and costs 2 MP to use. In the Offline version of the game, it is learned by the Hero in the Minstrel vocation at level 2 and already learned by Distan when he joins the party via his Junk skill tree, in addition to being used by Naburetto when he fights alongside the party.

Other languages[]

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