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The Priest specializes in restorative and defensive spells
Dragon Quest VII

Priest is a vocation in the Dragon Quest series.

Priests specialise in healing and fortifying spells rather than attack magic, and are some of the only characters who can learn to revive characters while in the field. Priests cannot equip heavy armour, but they can use weapons much like a Hero or a Warrior can. Priests do have initially more strength, agility and resilience than Mages, but on the whole, their physical combat potential is unimpressive at best.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest III[]

1 Heal
2 Poof
5 Acceleratle
7 Dazzle
8 Sap
9 Snooze
11 Squelch
12 Woosh
13 Fizzle
14 Midheal
15 Tingle
16 Cock-a-doodle-doo
18 Kasap
20 Bazoom
22 Whack
24 Zing
26 Swoosh
28 Thwack
30 Fullheal
32 Insulatle
34 Multiheal
36 Kaswoosh
38 Kazing
41 Kamikazee

Dragon Quest VI[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -20%
Agility -10%
Defence -30%
Wisdom +10%
Max. HP -20%
Battles Needed
1 Neophyte Heal
2 Pilgrim Woosh
3 Cleric Buff
4 Monk Midheal
5 Pastor Whack
6 Bishop Swoosh -
7 Archbishop Thwack
8 Pontiff Zing -

Dragon Quest VII[]

Stat Changes[]
Strength -20%
Agility -10%
Guard -30%
Intelligence +10%
Appearance -/+0%
Max. HP -20%
Max. MP -/+0%
PS1 Abilities[]
Battles Needed
1 Beginner Expel
2 Novice Infernos 19
3 Acolyte Upper 37
4 Prelate Stop Spell 50
5 Clergyman Heal More 80
6 Priest Infermore 100
7 Bishop Heal All 130
8 HiPriest Vivify 180
Hybrid Abilities[]
Bard Soothing Song
Dancer Death Dance
Mariner Holy Aura
Shepherd Increase

One of the first classes that any player should choose for any party member is the Priest class. All of the spells that the Priest learns are useful throughout the game. The only downside to this class is that the class takes a long time to master.

Dragon Quest IX[]

DQIX - Priest

The Priest vocation is available at the start of the game and has the unique skillset "Faith". Priests can also use skill points to learn Spear, Wand, Staff, and Shield skills. Their coup de grâce is "Choir of Angels", which heals all party members and removes negative status effects.

8 Divination
16 Natural Magical Mending +20
28 Benediction
40 Natural Max MP +10
48 Rotstopper
56 Natural Magical Mending +60
70 Alma Mater
80 Natural Max MP +20
90 Care Prayer
100 Natural Magical Mending +100
1 Heal
3 Squelch
6 Snooze
8 Buff
11 Cock-a-doodle-doo
14 Insulate
16 Midheal
18 Zing
20 Whack
22 Tingle
31 Moreheal
34 Thwack
38 Multiheal
43 Insulatle
47 Fullheal
55 Kathwack
65 Omniheal

Dragon Quest X[]

The Priest is one of the six starting vocations available in version 1.0 of Dragon Quest X. They can use Wands, Spears, Staves, Fisticuffs and Shields, each one with their own individual skill trees, with their exclusive skill tree being once again Faith (しんこう心 Shinkō kokoro). Their coup de grâce is Saint's Song (聖者の詩 Seija no uta). With their high Magical Mending stats, and access to many healing spells, Priests are a support vocation who can heal and revive their allies, and can use defensive buffs like Kabuff and Dedazzle.

Heroes series[]

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Teresa and Lazarel can become Priests from the start; once they have reached level 20 they become able to become Sages if also the Mage vocation has reached level 20.

As a Priests, they can equip Wands, Spears, and melee Staves.

Other games[]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

A Standard Vocation which needs to be of at least level 50 to access the Paladin, Sage and Astronomer Specialist Vocations.

Preferred weapon types:

Vocation Skill[]
Lv 1 Heal Lv 3
Magic Healing +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 5 Spell CT cut 3% with preferred weapon
Lv 10 Heal Lv 5
Lv 15 Magic Healing +10
Lv 20 Heal Lv. 5 upgrades to ◆Midheal Lv. 1
Lv 25 Magic Healing +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 30 Care Prayer Lv 3
Lv 35 Magic Healing +10
Lv 40 Midheal Lv 3
Lv 45 Magic Healing +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 50 Care Prayer Lv 5
Lv 55 Spell CT cut 3% with preferred weapon
Lv 60 Midheal Lv 5
Vocation Bonus[]

For associated Specialist Vocations

Lv 50 🔰Priest's Essence
Lv 60 Max HP +10
Lv 70 Battle Buddy Tricks (Low) (Paladin) / Zing Tricks (Low) (Sage) / with preferred weapon / Attack Spell Damage -3% (Astronomer)
Lv 80 Magic Healing +10 with preferred weapon
Lv 90 Battle Buddy Tricks (Paladin) / Zing Tricks (Sage) with preferred weapon / Attack Spell Damage -5% (Astronomer)
Lv 99 Luck +5

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Priest is one of the base vocations, available from the start.

Preferred weapon types:

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Preferred weapon types:


  • In IX, it is possible to obtain equipment worn by members of the Priest class from Dragon Quest III, which can only be equipped by Priests. They are a "Mitre" (head), "Surplice" (torso), "Minister's mittens" (arms), "Trinity tights" (legs), "Blessed boots" (feet). Equipping the Priest with a "Orichalcudgel" (staff) completes the ensemble.

Notable Priests[]

  • Selectable class in Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest IX, and Dragon Quest X.
  • Kiryl
  • Meena also has abilities from the Priest set.
  • Angelo bears several abilities of the priest vocation.
  • Sellma
  • Serena is primarily a priest.


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Other languages[]

Other languages
French Prêtre
German Priester
Spanish Sacerdote
Italian Sacerdote
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
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