Princess Minnie is a character in VIII. She resides in Princess Minnie's Castle.


Princess Minnie has brown hair and blue eyes and wears a dress that is white at the top and red on the bottom and a purple stripe with a pink sash. She sports a white hat with a mini medal design on it and a pink cape and matching shoes.


According to the she-slime in her castle, Princess Minnie saved all of the monsters in there from hunger, which illustrates her caring temperament. She is very sweet when talked to, and is very generous in giving gifts to the party in exchange for Mini Medals.



Main Games


After the Medal King falls ill and can no longer speak, Princess Minnie takes up his quest to collect all of the lost Mini Medals in the world. Upon meeting them, she enlists the heroes' help to find all of the missing medals in the world, rewarding them with valuable items in return. Princess Minnie speaks using the royal we, referring to herself as "one" instead of "I" or "me."


  • She has a crush on the Hero, hinted at through dialogue with the royal advisor, and is extremely embarrassed if told that the Hero is aware of her feelings.
    • This prompts Angelo to become jealous, and when consulted in her castle, he will say, "I can't believe Princess Minnie hasn't fallen for me. Can't she see a good thing when it's staring her in the face!? With that lack of judgment, no doubt it won't be long before the royal family goes to the dogs again."
  • In Dragon Quest XI, a student of l'Académie references a former headmistress fitting Minnie's description.
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