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For Psaro's monstruous transformation, see Psaro the Manslayer.

Psaro, the Master of Monsterkind, otherwise also known as the Manslayer, is a major antagonist in Dragon Quest IV and is both a recurring character and monster in the Dragon Quest series.

He is a powerful demon, and the chief of the demon tribe and monsters, with a passionate but conflicted hatred for humanity, so much so he wished to purge them for the betterment of the world, by speeding up the reawakening of the Lord of the Underworld Estark, not realizing the true consequences of his plan, and initally putting him against the Legendary Hero and the rest of the Chosen.

Psaro returns in the spotlight as the protagonist of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, an expanded retelling of the events of Dragon Quest IV, but from Psaro's own perspective, narrating some events of his youth, while also telling an alternative tale were he was a Monster Wrangler in a struggle against his tyrannical father.


Psaro at first appears fairly humanoid, though his red eyes, pointed ears, and vast powers would no sooner reveal him for what he really is. He has long silver hair and wears a dark outfit with a single distinct shoulder pad, spiked and appearing to be made of bone, and a long fur cape. Upon using the Secret of Evolution he turns into a likeness of Estark and steadily morphs into a vicious horned demon with a second face on his torso as the player fights against him. The transformation undergoes seven forms, all in the same battle.


Psaro for the majority of his life has loathed humans, his self-appointed title of Manslayer likely derived from his stance on human presence, having directly witnessed the worst they can offer. Despite this intense hatred, Psaro is remarkably kind to all other beings, notably monsters and especially the elf Rose, having decided to exterminate humanity primarily in order to protect her from their greediness and better the world in the process.

It could be said, that Psaro had a rather black or white view on morality, seeing all of humanity as intrinsically bad and the other races as good. This however, resulted in Psaro being rather naïve when it came in judging other people's character, realizing neither the treachery of his own monster subordinates nor the true danger that Estark posed to all life, not just humanity.

A very lonely individual, Psaro's romantic feelings for Rose are pretty much the only close attachment that he possesses, so much so that he greatly fears to lose her, something that his closest enemy is keenly aware of. Psaro went to great lengths in order to keep Rose safe and when, despite all of that, she nevertheless died, he was so devastated that he went into a spiral of self-destruction, wishing to die to reunite with her. On the same note even when he was transformed by Secret of Evolution's twisting power into a monster that shouldn't have had any recollection of his past, Psaro's feelings were so strong that the sight of Rose made said memories resurface.

While he never expressed regret towards his past misdeeds, as they were done at the time truly believing in their righteousness, Psaro did at least empathize with the sense of loss felt by the Hero after the destruction of their home village, having himself experienced true loss after the temporary death of Rose, and he truly felt the deepest genuine gratitude towards the Chosen for having saved both of them.

In the sixth chapter of the story, after spending some time with the party, he develops a personality towards them, that is best described as tsundere, as seen by his party chat dialogues. As he warms up to the group, Psaro, having finally seen kindness in humans, started to change his opinion on humanity for the better, in the end shifting from being outright misanthropic towards them to just being overall neutral with negative overtones, a somber characterization that remained even in his subsequent re-appearances in other titles.


Main games[]

Dragon Quest IV[]


Psaro grew up in the dwarven town of Rosehill, where it is implied that long ago, more of his kind thrived. His past mostly shrouded in mystery, Psaro, while compassionate towards anybody else, grew a strong loathing for humanity, and one day left the village after declaring to have a plan to take over the world.

Gathering under him a massive following of monsters, Psaro became known as the Master of Monsterkind. Unbeknownst to him however, not every monster under him was truly loyal, with one of his strongest subjects in particular, his right-hand man Aamon, conspiring with a gaggle of turncoats to one day cruelly stab Psaro in the back as soon the right time presented itself.

At some point, Psaro happened to meet a elven maiden while she was being viciously harassed by a human thug, the brute being after the ruby tears the elf was able to produce. Saving the girl and immediately being endeared by her own profound kindness Psaro decided to give the then nameless girl the name Rose, after his hometown, and brought her to his settlement in order to protect her. The two grew closer and closer and eventually fell in love with each other. Psaro, to further secure her safety, built a fortified tower in Rosehill under the excuse of preparing for a possible future attack against the town, hiding the passage to Rose's room with a Flute of Revelation and appointing Sir Roseguardin as her bodyguard. Occasionally however, they would stroll together through the halls of Psaro's Castle Nadiria, Rose remembering fondly those peaceful days.

Still worried Rose would still be in danger of human greed, Psaro decided to give in to his hatred for humanity, fomented by Aamon's words and by humans' overall treatment of monsterkind. Adopting the epithet of The Manslayer, Psaro started his campaign towards the supposed complete annihilation of the humans by trying to resurrect Estark, the Lord of the Underworld sealed away a long time ago, hoping that under his leadership, monsterkind could take control of the world, naïvely unaware that Estark wished for the destruction of all life and not just humans. Knowing of the prophecy of the advent of a legendary hero who would defeat Estark once and for all, Psaro also began a worldwide search in order to track them down and eliminate them. Rose tried time and time again to make Psaro reconsider, but to no avail.

At some point Psaro was approached by Balzack, an opportunistic individual. The former human was a treacherous alchemy student who had recently murdered his own master, Mahabala, in order to steal his latest and perhaps greatest discovery, the Secret of Evolution, the very same principle that Estark had used in the past to rise into power, Balzack offering it as a bargain chip in order to be part of Psaro's group.

An offer too good to refuse, Psaro took the unpleasant man under his command; however his disdain for him was plain in sight, treating the slimy wretch harsher than anyone else and regarding him little more than an experiment for the formula destined to fail. Psaro began to experiment on the Secret, hoping to one day perfect it and use it on either his monster army or Estark himself. The research resulted in the uplifting of several animals into being able to speak and rationally think, with Psaro deciding to give them a peaceful sanctuary at Rosehill.

As one of the many experiments, Psaro brainwashed the Marquis the Léon under his servitude and transformed him into a leonine monster. Now having a shadowy rule over his domain, Psaro put Balzack under the Marquis' command and ordered them to gather human maidens, so that their souls could be used as fuel for the experiments on the Secret. Psaro also planned to one day raze the Great World Tree to the ground, but never got to enact this scheme.

In Chapter 1 of the story, Psaro supposedly had ordered the kidnapping of the children of Strathbaile in search of the child that was prophesied to stand against the Lord of the Underworld one day, but Burland's best soldier, Ragnar McRyan, was able to fight Psaro's Pawn and rescued the fortunately unharmed youngsters.

In Chapter 2, after Tsarevna Alena and her retainers Kiryl and Borya, already met and defeated a monster that in the village of Taborov was taking young women as sacrifices in his name, Psaro himself, under his alias of Psaro the Manslayer had become the top contender in the Tournament of Endor in hopes of finding the Hero among the participants, and had already won five consecutive matches by the time Alena's group arrived. By the time Alena won five matches as well, he was nowhere to be found and Alena was declared the champion of the tournament. This is because the Zamoksvan Tsar Stepan, Alena's father, had a prophetic dream that the continuing excavation of Mamon Mine would soon unearth the prison of Estark; the ruler tried to order the ceasing of the digging, but before he could do so, he and all of his court were whisked away, kidnapped but otherwise unharmed, to Diabolic Hall by Psaro.

Meanwhile, the Armlet of Transmutation, a powerful tool necessary for the correct use of the Secret of Evolution, had recently been retrieved from its Vault by Alena and given it up as ransom to some thugs at Vrenor in order to save the kidnapped Anya, a girl who had attracted unwanted attention after scamming people by posing as the tsarevna.

In Chapter 3, when Torneko arrived in Endor, both the tournament and Psaro were mentioned by several townspeople in hushed breath, and in Chapter 4, after the sisters Meena and Maya had finally cornered Balzack, the murderer of their father Mahabala, at the Palais de Léon, the Marquis himself appeared in his aid, stating that their new master, Psaro would not be happy about it, and he then easily defeating the sisters, who after a prison break, were forced to abandon the Libeccio continent.

Chapter 5 started with Psaro finally being able to locate the prophesied chosen Hero, leading a group of monsters into the Hero's hometown, having gained hospitality by tricking a local man under the false identity of a lost poet. Meeting a fierce and violent resistance from the villagers, every townsfolk ended up killed in the following struggle, with the sole exception being ironically the sought after youth, thanks to the sacrifice of the Hero's friend Eliza, who decided to act as their body double with the Morph spell. Informed that the Hero allegedly had been killed by one of his subordinates, Psaro and his forces left the now devastated village.

To disrupt the maritime traffic, the guiding flame of the Pharos Beacon was snuffed out and replaced with a dark one of ruin. Sometime after this, the Armlet of Transmutation, necessary for the correct use of the Secret, was finally located by the monster forces at a black market in Endor and covertly stolen.

But unbeknownst to Psaro, the surviving Hero had began dismantling his operations. After restoring the lighthouse, the Marquis de Léon was defeated and returned to his former self, but not in time to truly hamper the progress in the study of the Secret. Then Balzack, now transformed into Baalzack and ruling over the deserted Zamoksva, was also defeated, to none of his minions' sorrow.

Later, Estark's Crypt was discovered by the miners in Mamon Mine. Psaro immediately announced this to his army and lead a group of monsters from the Diabolic Hall into the mine, not knowing that among the listeners of his speech were the Chosen, disguised as monsters thanks to the Mod Rod.

Psaro was successful in resurrecting the ruler of evil, but much to his surprise and horror the Hero and his party were able to defeat the weakened Estark. Finally realizing that the feared prophesied Hero had escaped his clutches, Psaro was unable to engage the party in combat, as he was hastily informed by one of his subordinates that his worst fear had just come to pass: Rose had been kidnapped by humans. In a panic, Psaro rushed out of the mine in an attempt to save her.

What happened next is revealed to the Chosen in a dream sequence seen in Strathbaile's inn: tragically, Psaro was unable to reach Rose in time, and his cherished lover was murdered, accidentally beaten to death by her abductors. Despite her dying wish that he gave up on his crusade, Psaro was overcome by a deep state of self-destructive grief, anger and hatred, deciding to die while taking as many humans as he could with him, all by using the Secret of Evolution on himself despite his knowledge of the heavy price that would take.

In truth, it was his own subordinate Aamon that had orchestrated the death of Rose, knowing full well that the elven woman was the only restraint that Psaro had. Aamon had since long manipulated him by fomenting Psaro's hatred while furthering his dark plans behind his back, planning to take the newly acquired Secret of Evolution and control of monsterkind for himself after his former master had fallen into total madness. After the revelation of the survival of the Hero, Aamon simply changed his plan by having the both of them destroy each other.

Before taking action, Psaro made one last visit to Rosehill to make a burial for Rose, much to the shock and grief of its residents. After making a modest tomb among a beautiful field of flowers, Psaro somberly spoke to the deceased Rose, assuring her that he would soon fulfill his promise be together with her forever, then he departed.

Psaro took up residence in the underground land of Nadiria, setting up four magical barriers around its central castle, each one protected by one of his strongest henchmen, the loyal Rashaverak, the cowardly Pruslas, the human-hating Barbatos and Aamon himself, so that no one could disturb his metamorphosis. He then retreated to the fiery mountain located behind the fortress, and finally used the Secret, transforming into the mindless monstrosity known as Psaro the Manslayer, seemingly deprived of all reason and memories, save for his name and his oath to destroy humanity.

At the end of Chapter 5, the Chosen were left with no choice but to strike down the crazed being, narrowly escaping the collapsing battleground afterwards thanks to the timely rescue from the Zenith Dragon. Thus concluded the life of Psaro, a tragic end of a misguided man that nonetheless brought peace to the world at last.

However, in the remake-exclusive Chapter 6, after visiting Rose's tomb and the elven city of El Forado, the party decided to take a different approach in order to "defeat" Psaro, no longer wishing for violence and having heard word of a legendary bloom of the world tree that could fully revive the dead. Setting out to find the bloom, the Chosen then used it to successfully revive Rose. Aware that her murder was at the orders of Aamon, she insisted that she would accompany the group to Nadiria to stop her lover. When she confronted the hideous form Psaro had taken, she began to cry, and her desire-filled magical ruby tears were powerful enough to undo the Secret of Evolution, returning Psaro to his previous humanoid form and senses.

After a tender reunion with Rose, Psaro was informed of Aamon's conspiracy, and the deeply grateful Master of Monsterkind humbly joined the Chosen in their mission to slay the scheming demon, in the process softening his views on humanity. After tracking down the treacherous Aamon, who had found a way to truly perfect the Secret of Evolution, and defeating him for good, Psaro decided not to join the rest of the Chosen in their last visit to Zenithia, fully aware that he wouldn't be accepted there due to his past actions. He was however confident that one day he might meet again with the Hero, although he couldn't say for sure if it would be as friends or foes.

Psaro, having now witnessed the best and the worst from both humanity and monsters, decided to abandon his position as the Master of Monsterkind, and to quietly retire to live alongside Rose forever, just as the girl always wanted.

Interestingly, the final reward given by Chow Mein and Foo Yung is an apparent impersonator of Psaro. Initially calling himself Old man Psaro, then changing it to Psaro, Queen of the Desert and claiming to hail from Femiscyra, the perpetually naked man becomes one of the citizens of the Immigrant Town.


When he joins as a party member, Psaro's initial state is quite powerful; he starts at level 35 and all his stats are high, not to mention he can learn powerful spells such as Lightning Storm and Magic Burst (most of which originally premiered in later Dragon Quest installments). If one chooses to pursue the bonus content and make Psaro an ally they will quickly find that he is more than a jack-of-all-trades, being adept at healing, support, and especially offensive abilities. If time is taken to level him up he will swiftly become the most powerful ally in the game. He can also equip Cursed equipment without penalty and without having his stats zeroed. He can also equip the items given by Chow Mein and Foo Yung, which include:

Dragon Quest IV (DS) 
Spell Level Learnt
Fullheal 35
Multiheal 35
Kaboom 35
Kacrackle 35
Kasap 35
Kasnooze 35
Dragon Slash 35
Hatchet Man 35
Harvest Moon 35
Zoom 35
Evac 35
Safe Passage 35
Holy Protection 35
Oomph 36
Kazing 38
Metal Slash 40
Kathwack 42
Thin Air 44
Disruptive Wave 46
Puff! 49
Lightning Storm 53
Magic Burst 60

Dragon Quest V[]

By the time of Dragon Quest V, the name of Psaro the Manslayer has for the most part faded from the public memory, his involvement being completely overshadowed by the much bigger threat posed by Estark's resurrection. His name is however mentioned in an indirect way by a scholar in Coburg Castle who claims to be studying Psarology, the name of the science being derived from the legend of Psaro and it being centered about the study of the Secret of Evolution.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Psaro appears alongside Rose in the near-future version of Reaper's Peak. He is confrontational when spoken to, accusing the Hero of wanting to kidnap Rose for her tears before backing off and telling him to leave them in peace.

Dragon Quest X[]

You can obtain a statue of Psaro. Additionally, there is an unlockable class loosely based on his fighting style and design.

Monster series[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[]


A version of Psaro is the protagonist of this title, it being a retelling, slight re-tweaking, and expansion of the story of Dragon Quest IV, but from Psaro's own perspective, with more of his past revealed.

A half-human hybrid, Psaro lived alongside the trusty slime Gloopert with his sickly mother, Miriam, who did her best to teach him solid moral principles, despite Psaro being bullied by the other human kids. One of them, Evan, stood up against the bullies defending Psaro, with the two of them forming a friendship. However, one day the boy's father was kidnapped by a local monster, The Shriveller; fearing for his remaining family, Evan run to Psaro's hut for support. Psaro decided to defeat the monster threatening Evan, but the human boy, having witnessed from afar his fight and overheard The Shriveller recognizing Psaro's lineage, run away in fear. After Evan seemingly told the story to the other villagers, they torched Psaro's home, leaving them homeless and worsening his mother condition.

Against Miriam and Gloopert's wishes to stay away from his wicked father and live as a human, Psaro did a perilous journey to Nadiria in order to ask help from Randolfo the Tyrant, the current Master of Monsterkind. After reaching the latter's throne room however, Randolfo, together in the room with his royal advisor Aamon, coldly rejected said pleads from his second-born son; enraged, Psaro held his sword against his father, who nonchalantly cursed him with the inability to harm directly any monster, crippling his fighting abilities. Saved from his father by the intervention of the Zenith Dragon, Psaro, still desiring to take revenge against Randolfo, rejected the dragon's offer to purge his demonic heritage, planning to wrestle away the throne from his father. Wandering the world, Psaro eventually ended up at Rosehill, where he was welcomed, nursed back to health, and accepted as a member of the dwarven village's extended family.

Seeing his desire for revenge still seething, and unable to lift his curse after many attempts, one of the villagers, Monty, decided to take a different approach, and make a Monster Wrangler out of Psaro, furthermore, because Rosehill had already been attacked multiple times by monsters sent by Randolfo to reclaim his son, with each attack increasing in strength every time, so much so that the villagers were now unable to protect Psaro alone anymore. Before Monty could begin explain the basics to Psaro, he was interrupted by the arrival of Fizzy, an old associate of his from his old days as a famous Wrangler, and decided to leave the explaining to her.

After Psaro learned the basics of Monster Wrangling, he entered a tournament held in Endor under Monty's suggestion, as he assumed that, If Psaro's fame were to increase, Randolfo would take notice and take him seriously. After winning the Rank G competion, Psaro witnessed a young elf woman being tormented for her ruby tears; after she escaped her captors in the nearby forest, Psaro helped her by scaring her pursuer away, and named the unnamed girl Rose, after the village of Rosehill, before Zooming away. Not much time later, Rose, and her Minidemon companion, Devilin, reached Rosehill where they asked to aid Psaro, in gratitude for his generous act. While he initially refused and tried to make Rose leave, Psaro eventually was convinced by Gloopert, his Slime friend, to allow it especially because the elven expertise of Rose would be very useful in finding a way to dispel his curse.

A few days later, after many close calls where Rose was almost seen by humans while outside the village, Psaro built a tower in Rosehill, and asked Rose to never leave the building. After winning another ranked battle at Endor, Psaro was approached by Furgil, a Meowgician who invited him to test his might against the Monster Wranglers of Nadiria. Furgil gifted Psaro a piece of Travelite, an ancient elven artifact that would make him able to travel to Nadiria, and, aware of Rose's presence in the village, advised to ask for her aid to activate it.

After doing so, Psaro was eagerly asked by Rose to accompany him during his exploration of Nadiria, as no humans would be there to threaten her, and the two of them began their survey. After meeting Furgil again, who explained how the geography of Nadiria worked, Psaro anonymously entered a ranked battle held at the Nadirian Maullosseum, which he won, earning another piece of Travelite, necessary to reach another region of Nadiria.

However, unbeknownst to Psaro or Rose, Aamon was watching them from afar, pleased to see Psaro's progress, while musing that the prince wold had to grow much stronger if he hoped to best his father.

Upon winning the Category S of the Monster Megabrawl at Endor, Psaro, after talking with one of his fellow Monster Wranglers, surprisingly received a letter from Evan, his childhood friend of so many years prior. In his letter, Evan profusely apologized to Psaro, on how him running away to ask help from the village's adults had accidentally spiraled out of control when they instead thought Psaro had been the one to summon The Shriveller in the first place, leading to him and his mother being tragically driven out by the village and Miriam dying. Evan had never forgiven himself for the event so, upon seeing Psaro after so many years competing in the Endor's Arena, he couldn't bare to directly face him, so he instead wrote him his letter.

Obtained monsters[]

Psaro can not fight for himself in this title due to his father giving him a curse that makes him incapable of hurting monsters. Due to this curse he learns how to become a monster wrangler. He can recruit every monster available in the game, although there are some that canonically join his party in the story.

Heroes Games[]

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

Psaro is a optional playable character in the game. In the original Japanese version, he was part of the downloadable content, but he has since then been included by default in successive re-releases of the game, including the international version. Due to this, Psaro is the only character that lacks a detailed page in the in-game manual explaining how his fighting style works, being restricted to only having a quick Action List.

Like Alena, Kiryl and Maya, this Psaro hails from a time after the conclusion of the events of Dragon Quest IV, proven by claiming to have both fought against and alongside the aforementioned heroes, and with Alena, Kiryl and Maya having clearly made peace with him.

Summoned to the kingdom of Arba from his home dimension by Empyrea like the others had, his reasons for fighting the chaos were personal, as he wanted to take revenge on Velasco for taking advantage of his monstrous brethren and end the curse placed on them. In the main story, numerous rumors of a mysterious silver-haired, black-caped swordsman, who allegedly appears from nowhere to save endangered people from rampaging monsters (despite his claims to not care about innocent human lives) can be heard from the passengers of the Stonecloud, while Psaro himself briefly appeared as a "Mysterious Swordsman", who made himself known to the group in both occasions in which they were scaling Yggdrasil, quickly defeating a powerful enemy in both instances, before leaving.

In order for Psaro to join the party, he must first be convinced of their worthiness by beating him in battle in the optional Sidequest number 90, "A Monstrous Apparition", while he is accompanied by two Roseguardin; this mission only becomes available after curing Yggdrasil and defeating the boss Barbatos.

Upon first meeting, Psaro is surprised by the presence of the Zamoksvans, who are likewise surprised of his presence. Informed of the group's goal to return peace between monsters and humans, he initially rejected the possibility of such a world, fatalistically stating that the two races are destined to war and that only through combat can one gain mastery over the other, and that he will only believe it if he is defeated in battle. After being defeated, Psaro was shocked to hear Luceus and Aurora calling monsters their friends, and Healix supporting this claim, which left him pondering if peace is possible, and decided to aid the party into achieving their shared goal of defeating Velasco.

During one conversation Psaro shows care for the wounded allies, and somberly remembers Rose.

He wields greatswords in combat and uses a combination of Zam magic and martial arts. For his Coup de Grâce, Psaro uses a fully mastered Secret of Evolution to transform into his demonic form and blasts enemies. Due to his status as a secret character, Psaro will never appear in cutscenes and he has no direct impact on the main storyline.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Psaro returns once again in the sequel, although just like the other playable characters of the first title that did not take part in the main story of the sequel, he can only be used in dungeon maps.



  • □, □, □, □: Gale-Force Fury
  • △: Doom Palm
  • □, △: Soaring Sword
  • □, □, △: Bullet Boot
  • □, □, □, △: Gravedigger
  • □, □, □ (during Liberation): Black Blade
  • △ (during Liberation): Iron Lunge
  • △, △ (during Liberation): Anarchic Arc
  • △, △, △ (during Liberation): Masterstroke

Coup de Grâce: Secret of Evolution

Battle Road Games[]

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II Legend[]

Psaro appears as a playable character, as well as the boss for Legend Quest IV in Chapter 7: The Demon Lord.

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory[]

After the hero of Monster Battle Road Victory wins over their rival Ryuuta, Psaro escapes from the game world to the real world to challenge the Hero. After clearing the game, he will be at the harbor waiting for the Hero to challenge him again.

Other Spin-Offs[]

Dragon Quest Tact[]

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War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Psaro appears as a summonable unit during as part of a time limited collab with Dragon Quest Tact. In War of the Visions, Psaro is a Fire elemental unit of the UR (Ultra Rare) Rarity, with a cost of 90. He specializes on Evasion tactics, while inflicting debilitating, powerful physical attacks that can debuff DEF, decrease healing power, destroy physical barriers and dispel Courage before damage. He can buff his agility and evasion rate, and survive fatal damage once, while increasing his damage output.


Dragon Quest: Princess Alena[]

Main article: Psaro the Manslayer (Princess Alena)



  • As revealed in several limited time events in Dragon Quest of the Stars, Psaro's last name is apparently "Banesword". The events rewarded the Banesword's blade, Psaro's signature sword.
  • Psaro's appearance in the DS remake seems to draw heavy inspiration from Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy games, and the two have many things in common; both have different forms as enemies and both are villains involved in or with tragedies. Because of these similarities, there are some jokes in Japan which involve the two, such as Psaro and Sephiroth actually being secret twins, or sometimes calling either one of them as "Psaroth".
  • The character Magus of Chrono Trigger, another RPG by Square Enix and released years after Dragon Quest IV, bears resemblance to Psaro and shares many similar traits with him. Magus, also a main villain, joins Chrono's party later in the game just as Psaro does in the remake. It should also be noted that both characters were designed by Akira Toriyama.
  • Psaro's outfit is roughly based off the baroque prince's outfit (Hence the puffed sleeves and pants), and implies that he may be a prince or from royalty. Also, in Dragon Quest IX's Japanese version of the bestiary, it mentions him as a prince, which The Dark Prince confirms.
  • In Monster Battle Road Victory, his first-person pronoun in Japanese is changed from "私" (watashi, a polite first-person pronoun) to "俺" (ore, a common first-person pronoun that comes across as decidedly-masculine and rather brusque). Many fans disliked this change.
  • In Monster Battle Road manga and Victory, there is a genderbent version of Psaro named Queen Psaro (クイーンピサロ). Unlike Psaro, who is ruthless and cold in his goals, she has a personality similar to that of Debora. If beaten, a Puff-Puff can be gotten from her.
    • Apparently, it is unknown if she has any relation to Psaro in any way.
    • The origin behind the impersonator Psaro, Queen of the Desert met in the remakes of IV would seem to be a joke towards her somewhat infamous nature, as in the manga, Queen Psaro wished having eternal beauty by destroying the world.
  • Prior to the remakes of Dragon Quest IV making Psaro's appearance uniform, many artists portrayed him in a variety of different ways.
    • For various pieces of artwork for the official CD Theater, illustrator Mutsumi Inomata depicted Psaro as very beautiful with large elven ears and either long light purple hair or blond hair.
    • In some of the 4Koma comics, Psaro is drawn very similar to a human, but with pointed ears and sharp canine fangs. He has frizzy black hair and wears a military-styled uniform with a cape.
  • In the original NES Version, his monster form was known as Necrosaro.

Other languages[]

Other languages
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Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
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Russian Unknown
Chinese 魔劍士皮薩羅
Korean 마검사 피사로

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