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Psaro the Manslayer (formerly Death Psaro and Necrosaro) is the final boss of Dragon Quest IV and a recurring monster in the series. Having learnt and used the Secret of Evolution on himself while equipping the Armlet of Transmutation has turned him into an even more hideous and hard-to-destroy new life form.





Main Games

Dragon Quest IV

Psaro the Manslayer is fought at the very end of the original game. He is notably one of the very first, if not the first, on-screen transforming final bosses in video game history, setting a longstanding trend. This battle is a test of endurance more than anything, as Psaro's only tricks are ones used by other bosses earlier on, so the player should already be familiar with the methods of dealing with them. He has seven different forms, effectively undergoing a metamorphosis:

First form

In this phase, Psaro relies on direct melee attacks.

Second form

This phase occurs when he loses right arm. With only one hand, he can only attack once per round.

Third form

This phase occurs when he loses his other arm. Without his weapon hands, Psaro switches to spellcasting.

Fourth form

At this point he discards his head.....and his abdomen turns green and morphs into a face. He starts using Disruptive Wave and breath attacks at this point.

Fifth form

He grows new arms....and proceeds to start hitting you with them.

Sixth form

He grows new legs, but uses same strategy.

Final form

In his ultimate form, Psaro grows a new head with three eyes, and immediately casts Bounce. The music changes to "Incarnation of Evil."

Dragon Quest VI

Psaro appears along with the other characters from Dragon Quest IV if the player chooses to have Reaper's Peak inhabited by characters from Dragon Quest IV. In this version of Reaper's Peak, he and Rose are living in the Hero's house.

Dragon Quest IX
#299 - Psaro
??? Family
IX - Psaro sprite
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
 ???  ???  ???  ???  ???
Exp Gold Drop Multiple
 ??? 2490 G
Description: Toughens up with Kabuff, then --- Shazam! --- hits hard with Kazam. Keep him under control with water-based warcraft.

A tragic figure who forsook his normal form to wreak revenge on the mortals who murdered his beloved.

Encountered at:

Psaro appears as a Legacy Boss, obtained after battling Dragonlord at high levels.

The quote he says before you fight him as a legacy boss is the same one he says when you fight him in Dragon Quest 4.

Level Range Secondary Drop  % Orb  %
1-3 Zenithian boots 20% Green Orb 5%
4-8 Zenithian boots 25% Green Orb 5%
9-15 Zenithian boots 25% Green Orb 6%
16-25 Nimzo's Map 10% Green Orb 6%
26-40 Nimzo's Map 15% Green Orb 7%
41-56 Nimzo's Map 20% Green Orb 7%
57-68 Nimzo's Map 25% Green Orb 8%
69-80 Nimzo's Map 30% Green Orb 8%
81-90 Nimzo's Map 35% Green Orb 9%
91-99 Nimzo's Map 40% Green Orb 10%
Level Abilities
Initial Attack, attacks twice per turn, critical hit, Combo attack, War Cry, Blazing Fire, Kacrack, Kazam
5 Whack
10 Sweet Breath
16 Hellfire
22 Thwack
28 Kacrackle
34 C-C-Cold Breath
41 Kazammle, stops Whack, Kacrack and Kazam, attacks three times per turn, stops attacking twice per turn
57 Meditation

Monster Series Appearances

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Boss of the Gate of Extinction, Psaro (then Pizzaro) is confronted by Terry shortly after voicing his desire to eliminate all humans.

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

Recipe: Pizzaro x Gorago, or Pizzaro x KingLeo

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

Psaro appears in his final form as a rank X member of the material family and can be obtained by synthesizing a Ruin and Roseguardin together. His Manslayer title is reflected in his default nicknames, all of which contain 'slay'.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

You can get him by synthesizing a Roseguardin and a Ruin together.



  • There are two Psaros in the remake; the other one is a gender-confused naked man.
  • In the game 3D Dot Game Heroes if the player stays at a certain inn they will have a dream that heavily parodies Psaro and his attack on the human race except Rosa is unharmed, he decides to attack for no reason.

Other languages

Other languages
French Psaro
Psaro l'Exterminateur
German Psaro
Spanish Psaro el Carnicero
Italian Psaro
Psaro il Massacratore
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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