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Psyche Up is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Psyche Up increases tension up by one level.


Whenever Disruptive Wave is casted the tension will disappear and go back to 0. Requiring player's to Psyche Up their characters again after Disruptive Wave has been casted.


Dragon Quest VIII[]

Making its debut, Psyche Up is a command selectable from the battle menu, available to all party members. It is also used by Mischievous moles, Hammerhoods, Spiked hares, Brownies, Hoods, Witches, Buffalo wings, Mad moles, Bomboulders, Hoodlums, Jackal rippers, Golems, Hellhounds, Ice queens, Stone golems, Dark dullahans, Buffalogres, Dullahans, Heavy hoods, Belials, Hell's gatekeepers, Sirens, Soul moles, Red horns, Captain Crow, Statue of Yangus, Lord of the Dragovians, Golden Dragon, Divine Dragon, and Ultimate Dragon in battle. It is also used by the Skeleton in Memoriam, Walking Corpse in Memoriam, and the Soul Mole in Memoriam in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Now a separate skill, it is learned with 16 skill points invested into the Martial Artist's Focus skill tree and costs 0 MP to use. It is also used by Bodkin fletchers, Ram raiders, Cumauluses, Cyclowns, Badboons, Zumeanies, Spinchillas, Rampages, Grinades, Big badboons, Gold golems, Battering rams, Cheeky tikis, Great gruffons, Whirly girlies, Living statues, Drakularges, Mega moais, Magmalices, Freezing fogs, Stone guardians, Fright knights, Barbatoses, Widow's piques, Octagoons, Drakulords, Garth Goyle, Dreadmaster, Goreham-Hogg, Corvus, Yore, Elusid, Hammibal, Tyrannosaurus Wrecks, Malroth, Zoma, and Estark in battle, as well as Hammerhoods, Brownies, Golems, and Stone Golems once again.

Dragon Quest X[]

Acts the same as in its previous appearances, and is learned with 4 skill points invested into the Focus skill tree, and is also learned by recruited Golems, Mischievous moles, Brownies, and Needlemen by investing 3 skill points into their Mogura no Ai, Dirty Harry, Takatata Power, and Tension King skill trees. It costs 0 MP to use once again, and is also used by Bunicorns, Rhinothropes, Aloehahas, Bony Bats, Bud brothers, Sweaty yetis, Sasquashes, Flying corpses, Abracadabradors, Hellions, Rhinocerexes, Face invaders, Spike heads, King foo dogs, Dark brownies, Demon stewards, Hippo guards, Picky moles, Disfigurines, Masqueraiders, Belfggors, Bullions, Flamethrowers, Sintaurs, Dirty dolls, Visor kaisers, Blizzybodies, Tormentaurs, Shadeshifters, Ursa minors, Emerald demons, Crimson glaives, Red fangs, Blackseed kids, Shamanjus, Silverines, Rapscallions, Jiademons, Jadewarriors, Maniacal moles, Scary cherry blossoms, 24-carrot bunicorns, Bone idols, Harmachises, Ursa pandas, Demon overlords, Glacial golems, Razerburn, Yarn, Demon Gaurad, Maracaraider, Product N°12, Ladis's Witness, Decaneedle, Big rockbomb, Lamentation of Magic, Bad General Togrus Maximus, Beast General Marquis de Leon, Rakusho Battle Shaker, Demon alligator, Unfinished Demon, Blackmar, and the Divine Judges, as well as Mischievous Moles, Brownies, Spiked Hares, Hoods, Hoodlums, Heavy Hoods, Buffalorges, Red Horns, Golems, Mega Moais, Hell's Gatekeepers, and Barbatos once again.

Young Yangus and the Mysterious Dungeon[]

Appearing as a command selectable from the battle command menu just like in VIII, it increases Young Yangus's Tension, but decreases his hunger.

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Reappearing from the first Battle Road onwards, it is the red button skill for She-slimes, and the blue button skill for Mischievous Moles, Hammerhoods, and Beetleboys, increasing the party's Tension. It is also used by the Dragonlord's dragon form, Zoma, and Mottle slimes in Legend Quests, though only in Battle Road II Legend for the third.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Psyche Up appears as one of the Hero's down special moves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, selectable from the Command Selection. When activated, it increases the Hero's knockback for his next attack.

Dragon Quest Tact[]

Already learned by Jessica, Yangus, and Angelo when they are recruited, it acts the same as in previous appearances and costs 10 MP to use.

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