• Allows the monster to "Psyche Up" up to 4 times, increasing attack damage. Is incredibly useful for scouting.

Monsters with (common element)
# Family Name Rank Skillset Trait 1 Trait 2
11 Beast Mischievous mole F Guerrilla Psycho
27 Beast Hammerhood F Huntsman Psycho
32 Dragon Nardragon E Martyr Psycho
33 Nature Spiked hare D Naturalist Psycho
35 Slime Wild slime D Champion Psycho
55 Nature Great sabrecub D Naturalist Psycho
70 Material Gold golem D Iceplosion Slashes Psycho
77 Beast Brownie D Bounty Hunter Psycho
82 Slime Behemoth slime D Woosh & Zap Psycho
96 Nature Great sabrecat C Speedster Psycho Early Bird
100 Undead Restless armour C Anti-dragon Psycho
102 Undead Hellhound C Crack & Zam Psycho
111 Nature Scissor beatle C Hive Mind Psycho
119 Nature Beetleboy B Hive Mind Psycho
125 Slime Dark slime knight B Dark Knight Psycho Zammeister
139 Material Golem A Materialist Psycho
143 Beast Moosifer A Woosh & Crack Psycho
148 Beast Buffalogre A Berserker Psycho
166 Nature Beetlebully S Bounty Hunter Psycho
169 Demon Robbin' hood S Bounty Hunter Psycho
170 Undead Dullahan S Champion Psycho
173 Beast Don mole S Mine Psycho
178 Dragon Alabast dragon S Cleric Psycho
182 Demon Malroth S Healer Artful Dodger Psycho
183 Undead Captain Crow S Captain Crow Psycho
184 Slime Grandpa slime S Bang & Zap Psycho Magic Regenerator
185 Beast Dhoulmagus S Dhoulmagus Psycho
186 Dragon Dragonlord X Dragonlord Psycho
189 Material Psaro X Niflheim Psycho Desperado
197 Beast Rhapthorne X Rhapthorne II Artful Dodger Psycho
198 Undead Dr Snapped X Dr Snapped Double Trouble Psycho
200 Slime Trode X Trickster Psycho Counterstriker
201 Incarni Wulfspade ??? Wulfspade Psycho
202 Incarni Hawkhart ??? Hawkhart Psycho
203 Incarni Cluboon ??? Cluboon Psycho
204 Incarni Diamagon ??? Diamagon Psycho
205 Incarni Wulfspade ace ??? Wulfspade III Psycho Desperado
206 Incarni Hawkhart ace ??? Hawkhart III Psycho Magic Regenerator
207 Incarni Cluboon ace ??? Cluboon III Psycho Critical Massacre
208 Incarni Diamagon ace ??? Diamagon III Psycho Steady Recovery
209 Incarni Ace of Spades ??? Cursader Psycho Zammeister
210 Incarni Wildcard ??? Crusader Psycho Zapmeister
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