Puerto Valor is a city in Dragon Quest XI. Located in the Costa Valor, north of Gondolia, it is a thriving port town that is also famous for its casino and caballeros.


Puerto Valor is a relatively small city that draws inspiration from Spanish coastal cities. It features cobblestone paths and white-walled buildings, as well as a tropical shore that is one of its main attractions. Puerto Valor also features a sea passage that leads to the ocean surrounding Erdrea.

The casino at Puerto Valor and the nearby hotel is another major attraction, with tourists coming from far and wide to gamble inside.

The city's caballeros are famous for their swordsmanship, especially the city's leader Don Rodrigo, who lives in a large private villa managed by his butler Servantes. One of his most famous students is the Heliodoran knight Hendrik.

Plot Significance


Citizens of Puerto Valor speak English mixed with Spanish, peppering their speech with phrases like niño and amigo. Knights are also exclusively referred to as caballeros in Puerto Valor.

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