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The Puff-Puff is a recurring term, skill, and gag in the Dragon Quest series. A sacred technique bestowed upon mortal-kind by the Goddess on High. Originating in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga, the act refers to something... very naughty indeed.

Outside of humorous scenes, the term also refers to a recurring skill used by the silly and the sexy. If used by a female character, it may distract an opponent for a few turns. If used by a male character it will cause strike-based damage based on his level, with the calculation being {LvL+1~8} for a cap of 51~58.

Appearances in Battle[]

Dragon Quest III[]

The Puff-Puff appears as one of the random actions a Gadabout can perform in the remakes. For female Gadabouts, it functions similarly to the rest of the series, but for men, it will deal 25% of a normal attack's damage.

Dragon Quest VI[]

Making its debut as a battle skill, it is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Gadabout vocation, as well as Kingsley at level 4. For female characters, it incapacitates an enemy for 1-3 turns if successful, while as for male characters, it will deal strike damage, being the user's level divided by 8 rounded up. It costs 0 MP to use.

Dragon Quest VII[]

Learned by advancing to Rank 2 of the Jester vocation, it acts the same way as in VI, costing 0 MP to use once again. In the 3DS remake, it is also used by Lover Lamps in battle.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

Jessica can put her feminine assets to use after investing 38 points into her Sex Appeal skill tree. It will attempt to stun a monster for 1-3 turns as usual and costs 0 MP to use once again. It is also used by Witches, Ice Queens, and Sirens in an attempt to immobilize the male protagonists with this technique, but it will always fail when used on Jessica. As the game puts it, she “wins the battle of the bulge”.

  • In the 3DS remake, the same applies to Red.

Dragon Quest IX[]

An enemy only skill in this entry, it is used by Morag to stop an enemy for one turn. However, she will rarely use it.

Dragon Quest X[]

Usable by players for the first time since VIII, it can be learned by when 100 skill points are invested in the Gadabout's Play skill tree and will immobilize an enemy for 7 seconds, dependent on the user's Charm and costs 6 MP to use. It is also used by Succubats, Fruity Succubats, and Vampire Succubats in battle against their enemies. In the Offline version of the game, it is a Coup de Grâce that is learned by the Hero in the Gadabout vocation at level 50 and by investing 15 skill points into Mjoll's Power skill tree, costing 25% Tension to use.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Jade will learn to bring her bust to battle for 8 skill points in her Allure skill tree. It costs 0 MP to use for the first time since VIII and will rise in effectiveness the higher her Charm is. Supreme succubats and Jade's Jinxed form also use this skill in battle, as well as Succubats, Fruity Succubats, and Vampire Succubats once again.

Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2[]

Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Series[]

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light[]

Dragon Quest Rivals[]

Dragon Quest Walk[]

Learned at level 5 via the Dangerous swimsuit '21 top, Dangerous hair ornament '21, Dangerous swimsuit '21 bottom, level 15 when wielding the Dancing rod and Hypnowhip weapons, level 20 when wielding the Godbird Sceptre, and already learned via the Ocean whip's revised form, it acts differently from its appearances by charming 1 enemy and costs 15 MP to use.

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi![]

Dragon Quest Champions[]

Learned at level 20 when wielding the Godbird Sceptre, it recovers the user's MP while potentially charming one enemy and costs MP to use.

Appearances Outside of Battle[]

Dragon Quest[]

A woman will offer the lone Hero a puff-puff for 50G in Rimuldar in the original version of the first game, with the event taking place in the Kol bathhouse in the remakes.

Dragon Quest II[]

A bunny girl in Rippleport will offer her services for 100G. This rabbit is feistier than most, accusing the princes of being homosexuals if they turn down her services in the original Japanese script.

Dragon Quest III[]

A dancer in the streets of Asham at night offers Powderpuff Massage free of charge. After leading the character upstairs, she turns off the light and begins the massage, only to later reveal the one doing the massage was her father, leaving the character who received the massage without words.

Dragon Quest IV[]

A dancing girl in the bar of Laissez Fayre will perform a puff-puff for free, but only upon male characters and only if they come to her without the rest of the party.

In Chapter 1, Angus' wife Aigneas gives her befuddled husband a puff-puff to restore his lost memory in the original Japanese script.


To the disappointment of many fans, the western releases of IV on the Nintendo DS did not include the puff-puff in the Laissez Fayre bar, nor the one Aigneas gives to Angus. This was most likely to maintain a lower content rating.

Dragon Quest V[]

The Puff-Puff is more difficult to find than usual in V, and it can only be experienced in the second generation of the game. The player can find the bunny girl in the Coburg item shop at night after defeating the Faux Dowager. At first she will offer her services after saying the Hero is cute, but then retract it on the grounds that he isn't mature enough yet: the player needs to reach Mostroferrato and view the cutscene with Nera Briscoletti before the full Puff-Puff scene will take place. Once that requirement has been met, the bunny girl will tell the Hero to meet her behind Coburg castle the next morning. Humorously, this can be done when the Hero is married and each bride will have very different reactions.

In the western release this scene has been censored, with the bunny girl instead offering to tell the Hero's fortune. All three brides still have distinct reactions.

Dragon Quest VI[]

In the localization done by the studio 8-4, all instances of puff-puffs have been censored and replaced with Pattycake Princess. This was likely done at Nintendo's behest, who published the game in North America and Europe. Buddy's older sister will offer the Hero a puff-puff on the night of the mountain spirit festival, but will tease him if he agrees.

In Turnscote, there is a bunny girl in one of the two-story buildings on the right side of town who will give a puff-puff so wonderful it actually increases the puffee's Style by 5.

Dragon Quest VII[]

After saving the kingdom of Buccanham in the present, the King will offer the player a VIP ticket at the local casino to receive a puff-puff from a woman in the facility. If the player uses the ticket, she will perform a "puff-puff", which in this case is her puffing two notes on a horn.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

One of the most infamous puff-puff of the series, players will have to explore Western Argonia to find the hidden club. Le Club Puff-Puff, where the lady massages the player's face with two slimes while they are blindfolded. All characters can be puffees, though Jessica and Red will have the most distinct reactions in the cutscene.

Dragon Quest IX[]

Tuya, a little girl living in the Hunters' Yurts of the Iluugazar Plains will reward players with a puff-puff if they assist her by completing Quest 126 for her.

The puffing is a ruse, however; players will hear the baas of sheep as the screen goes dark, and when light returns their heads will be between two smelly sheep rears. A fitting fate for any sickos expecting a real puff-puff from a little girl.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Various female NPCs offer the Luminary Puff Puff, either for a price, for free or as a reward. The hero character will get a +5 boost to charm once from the bunny girl in Phnom Nonh. Several of the Puff-Puff scenes in this game allude to previous games (like the father who gives the Puff-Puff in Gallopolis).

Exclusive to this one, however, a Bunny Girl in The Battleground will offer a free Puff-Puff, lead the hero to a cliff, ask them to close their eyes, then tie their ankles, before pushing them off the cliff only for them to bungee jump right above the clouds, causing Puff-Puffs of clouds.

Dragon Quest Heroes[]

If the player speaks to one of their companions in the latter half of the game, they will tell the protagonist to close their eyes, after which they say "Puff-Puff." The captain will then open their eyes and ask what other person just did, with some of the answers being different dependin on which captain is performed on:

  • Luceus (if playing as Aurora) - he states that he read about this phrase and thought that saying it would bring joy to everyone, much to Aurora's embarrassment and anger.
  • Aurora (if playing as Luceus) - she reveals that she was touching Luceus' cheeks, wanting to see how soft they are after Alena had touched her cheeks earlier and went crazy about how soft they were.
  • Doric - he pats them on the head, remembering how he used to do it to them years ago whenever they were in sullen spirits.
  • Isla - she tests a new device that applies beauty lotion on the face, stating that if done correctly, the subject should feel a soft, relaxing sensation as their cheeks become smooth.
  • Alena (if playing as Luceus)- she tests her new technique 'Maximal Air Brush Combo,' where she pretends to unleash a Coup de Grâce at the person's face, only to stop millimeters prior to impact.
  • Alena (if playing as Aurora) - She tests her makeup skills on her. After concluding that she still needs to work on them, they both agree to practice together.
  • Kiryl - he practices playing the trumpet, due to Alena wanting to hear a trumpet recital.
  • Maya - she gives them a makeover, much to their embarrassment
  • Psaro - he applies an elvish salve on their face, which has the power to cure all ills. He then tells them that an elf he knew taught him how to make it.
  • Bianca - she sprays them with her favorite perfume, saying that it will help calm them down.
  • Nera - she strokes their head, telling them that her dog really likes it when she does it to him and that their eyes remind her of him.
  • Terry (if playing as Luceus)- after losing a card game to Patty, he was forced to pay a forfeit, which was to say "Puff-Puff."
  • Terry (if playing as Aurora)- Terry have been begged by Kiryl to help him perform with the trumpet, and now Terry also has to practice with it.
  • Yangus - he rubs Healix on their face, telling them about a place from his world where a lady massages their cheeks with slimes.
  • Jessica - (if playing as Luceus) she ruffles his hair, telling him that she was wondering if he used hairpins to maintain his hairstyle, only to discover that it is his natural hairstyle.
  • Jessica - (if playing as Aurora) she touches her cheeks, telling Aurora that she wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked, but discovers that they are softer than she thought.

The chances for a Puff-Puff scene to occour are random, with each return to the Stonecloud from a mission resetting the possible companion asking for the act. After withnessing their scene the first time, should one of the heroes offer a Puff-Puff another time, they will also offer the possibility to refuse and skip the scene instead. Once all Puff-Puff scenes are seen with a single character, an Accolade will be rewarded.

Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

Working pretty much identically to the first title, the Puff-Puff scenes return in Dragon Quest Heroes II. While all the previous playable characters retun, only the ones who have actually a story appearance can offer a Puff-Puff, with their scenes being different from the first Heroes. Also once again, some of the Puff-Puff scenes are different dependin on which protagonist is performed on:

  • Lazarel (if playing as Teresa) -
  • Teresa (if playing as Lazarel) - After asking her to close her eyes, the nervous Lazarel stroke Teresa's hair, in truth comparing their height since he had grown quite a bit during the year of separation from Teresa. Conceding that he is now taller than her, Teresa however, points out her ability with the sword, on par with him, spurring Lazarel in trying to best her even on that front.
  • Healix -
  • Healix (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Healix excitingly hits Teresa across the face repeatedly with something cold and squishy, his tentacles, as Carver had recently taught the Healslime that slapping people in the face was the best way to get them fired up, Healix calling his version the "Get-Up-and-Goo Giver". Teresa, feeling more relaxed than pumped nevertheless assumes to be a bit more alert now, much to the joy of Healix.
  • Desdemona -
  • Desdemona (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Desdemona, not wanting future problems between the two of them, rubs something soft and sweet-smelling all over Teresa's face, a towel soaked in a healing salve which recipe is a family secret passed down through the generations, the salve having the effect of improving the mood when applied to the face. Desdemona, worried that the weight of the upcoming battles and the recent revelations would distract Teresa, hoped to cheer up and make her focused, which it worked making Teresa feel refreshed.
  • Cesar -
  • Cesar (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, the nervous Cesar pats Teresa on the head, just like he used to do in the past in order to give her emotional support for the future battles. Teresa initially jumpy by being suddlently being touched by a man while she wasn't looking, was then embarassed by being treated like a child; still, appreaceating that Cesar cares for her, Teresa thanks him.
  • Torneko -
  • Torneko (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Torneko makes Teresa listen to the sound of his belly drummed, hoping to cheer her and himself up just like his son Tipper used to, as Teresa has something in her eyes, a glimmer, that reminds Torneko of his boy.
  • Maribel -
  • Maribel (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Maribel brushes something warm on Teresa's nose, a Pilchard pie, having baked some in a fit of homesickness and wanting to share some with Teresa.
  • Ruff -
  • Ruff (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Ruff shouts "Puff-Puff" to Teresa, slighty surprising her, the wolf cub-turned boy having misunderstood what Angelo meant when there was no person alive who doesn't perk up at the sound of "Puff-Puff". Concerned of what Angelo is teaching Ruff, Teresa asks him to not shout in other people ears, the two deciding to keep the "Puff-Puff" a secret between them.
  • Terry -
  • Terry (if playing as Teresa) - Wanting to hear her opinion on something, Terry, after asking her to close her eyes, blows a trumpet, which was apparently a sword bought from a travelling merchant, a sword like Terry had never seen or heard. In truth its a rubber sword with a whistle, Terry having been scammed; realizing to having been duped, terry asks Teresa for her silence on the matter.
  • Carver -
  • Carver (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, the embarassed Carver gently hit Teresa's shoulders a few times, offering her a secret massage technique his father used to use on him; Teresa was however, confused on why it would embarassing to be seen. with Carver saying that he would appear goofy in his attempt to get it just right, before swiftly ending the conversation.
  • Meena -
  • Meena (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Meena wispers in Teresa's ears a word of great power that will have a deep and lasting meaning for her in the future, "Puff-Puff", her cards having told Meena that it was Teresa's lucky word. A confused Teresa is left wondering how the word "puff-Puff" may help her in the future, but Meena assures her to let the future just happen without stressing out too much.
  • Maya -
  • Maya (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Maya, wanting to give her a gift, applies make up on Teresa's face. Maya, now sure that Teresa would be a big hit with the boys decides to apply make up on the face of all the other girls in the party.
  • Jessica -
  • Jessica (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, the embarassed Jessica puts something soft on either side of Teresa's face, who immediately makes assumptions; in truth, Jessica has just squeezed Teresa's cheeks, due to their soft look, feeling energized after satisfying her curiosity, while Teresa is left confused.
  • Angelo -
  • Angelo (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Angelo puts something cool and squishy on Teresa's face, a pair of Slimes, citing certain parlours in his world specialized in this form of relaxation.
  • Alena -
  • Alena (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, Alena seemingly plays the trumpet, being elated when the sound made was recognized as such; having in recent years, seen Kiryl covertly practise playing the trumpet, Alena had resolved to also practise the instrument, to surprise him and perhaps play together as a duet, her competitive nature also not wanting to be surpassed.
  • Kiryl -
  • Kiryl (if playing as Teresa) - After asking her to close her eyes, the nervous Kiryl put something soft and fluffy on Teresa's face, a pillow meant as a gift to Alena that Kiryl had been lately sewing during the night, Kiryl wanting to test its effectiveness before delivering it. With Teresa confirming its softness, Kiryl prepare to soon go foward with his gifting.
  • Ragnar McRyan (Dragon Quest Heroes I·II version exclusive) -

Again, the chances for a Puff-Puff scene to occour are random, with each return to Accordia from a mission resetting the possible companion asking for the act, although this time around, multiple characters can offer a Puff-Puff at the same time, instead of only one at the time like in the previous title, with even the chance of the same character offering a Puff-Puff multiple times. After withnessing their scene the first time, should one of the heroes offer a Puff-Puff another time, they will also offer the possibility to refuse and skip the scene instead. Once all Puff-Puff scenes are seen with a single character, an Accolade, All Puffed Out, will be rewarded; once all Accolades are earned and cashed in with the clerk, a Gospel ring will be additionally rewarded.

Dragon Quest Builders[]

In Builders, one of the Masked Thugs in Kol will offer to perform a Puff-Puff upon the builder, which leads to a humorous scene. Additionally, the game references the puff-puff scene of Kol during a flashback the Builder experiences while dreaming.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[]

In Builders 2, if a Relaxation Room is built with a high Cheeky atmosphere, dancer residents will offer a Buff-Buff massage, a variation of the Puff-Puff. This massage offers a temporary Stamina recovery speed up buff.

Appearances in other Media[]

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai[]

Puff Puff is only brought up by Pop while talking to Dai, after the latter called him childish for being attracted to big-breasted women (such as Maam). Apparently Dai hasn't heard of it.

Emblem of Roto (manga)[]

Possibly as a nod to the games, as the heroes walk through Asham's streets, a rather friendly bunny girl approaches Elder Tarkin, offering him some Puff Puff, though the old man, after a cold stare from Lunafrea, refuses. Later on, as he's praying in the church, he wonders out loud if the Goddess isn't listening because le let himself be tempted by the Puff Puff before.

Dragon Quest: Your Story[]

Puff Puff is brought up by Bianca when she hears that Lucas has refused Nera's hand, rethorically asking him if he already fell for some bimbo met in a Puff Puff Parlor or something similar.

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Puff-puff
German Oh La La
Massage (M)
Spanish Puf puf
Conebombón (DQVI - among townspeople)
Mua mua (DQIX)
Italian Puff Puff (Games)
Palp Palp (Dai)
Paff Paff (Original Dragonball)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean 부비부비