The Puff-Puff is a sacred technique bestowed upon mortal-kind by the Goddess on High. Originating in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga, the act refers to...well, you're bright enough to figure it out.

Outside of humorous scenes, the term also refers to a reoccurring skill used by the silly and the sexy. If used by a female character, it may distract an opponent for a few turns. If used by a male character it will cause strike-based damage based on his level, with the calculation being {LvL+1~8} for a cap of 51~58.

Appearances in Battle

Dragon Quest III

The Puff-Puff appears as one of the random actions a Gadabout can perform in the remakes. For female gadabouts, it functions similarly to the rest of the series, but for men, it will deal 25% of a normal attack's damage.

Dragon Quest VI

Puff-Puff is learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Gadabout vocation. For female characters, it incapacitates an enemy for 1~3 turns if successful, while as for male characters, it will deal strike damage, being the user's level divided by 8 rounded up.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned the same way as in VI

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica can put her feminine assets to use after investing 38 points into her Sex Appeal skill tree. It will attempt to stun a monster for 1~3 turns as usual.

Note: some enemies will attempt to immobilize the protagonists with this technique, but it will always fail when used on Jessica. As the game puts it, she wins the battle of the bulge.

  • In the 3DS remake, the same applies to Red.

Appearances Outside of Battle

Dragon Quest

A woman will offer the lone Hero a puff-puff for 50G in Rimuldar in the original version of the first game, with the event taking place in the Kol bathhouse in the remakes.

Dragon Quest II

A bunny girl in Rippleport will offer her services for 100G. This rabbit is feistier than most, accusing the princes of being homosexuals if they turn down her services in the original Japanese script.

Dragon Quest III

A dancer in the streets of Asham at night offers Powderpuff Massage free of charge. After leading the character upstairs, she turns off the light and begins the massage, only to later reveal the one doing the massage was her father, leaving the character who received the massage without words.

Dragon Quest IV

A dancing girl in the bar of Laissez Fayre will perform a puff-puff for free, but only upon male characters.

In Chapter 1, Angus' wife Aigneas gives her befuddled husband a puff-puff to restore his lost memory in the original Japanese script.


To this disappointment of many fans, the western releases of IV on the Nintendo DS did not include the puff-puff in the Laissez Fayre bar, nor the one Aigneas gives to Angus. This was most likely to maintain a lower content rating.

Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest VI

In the localization done by 8-4, all instances of puff-puffs have been censored and replaced with Pattycake Princess. This was likely done at Nintendo's behest, who published the game in North America and Europe. Buddy's older sister will offer the Hero a puff-puff on the night of the mountain spirit festival, but will tease him if he agrees.

In Turnscote, there is a bunny girl in one of the two-story buildings on the right side of town who will give a puff-puff so wonderful it actually increases the puffee's Style by 5.

Dragon Quest VII

After saving the kingdom of Buccanham in the present, the King will offer the player a VIP ticket at the local casino to receive a puff-puff from a woman in the facility. If the player uses the ticket, she will perform a "puff-puff", which in this case is her puffing two notes on a horn.

Dragon Quest VIII

The most infamous puff-puff of the series, players will have to explore the Arcadia region to find the hidden club. All characters can be puffees, though Jessica and Red will have the most distinct reactions in the cutscene.

Dragon Quest IX

Tuya, a little girl living in the Hunters' Yurts of the Iluugazar Plains will reward players with a puff-puff if they assist her by completing Quest 126 for her.

The puffing is a ruse, however; players will hear the baas of sheep as the screen goes dark, and when light returns their heads will be between two smelly sheep rears. A fitting fate for any sickos expecting a real puff-puff from a little girl.

Dragon Quest XI

Various female NPCs offer the Luminary Puff Puff, either for a price, for free or as a reward. There does not seem to be any effect from receiving Puff Puff from an NPC

Exclusive to this one, however, a Bunny Girl in The Battleground will offer a free Puff-Puff, lead the hero to a cliff, ask them to close their eyes, then tie their ankles, before pushing them off the cliff only for them to bungee jump right above the clouds, causing Puff-Puffs of clouds.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Dragon Quest Builders

In Builders, one of the Masked Thugs in Kol will offer to perform a Puff-Puff upon the builder, which leads to a humorous scene. Additionally, the game references the puff-puff scene of Kol during a flashback the Builder experiences while dreaming.