Pujyu is a character and a tertiary antagonist in Dragon Quest X.


Pujyu first appears outside Girrant Castle performing for the townspeople juggling some balls and a doll. He preforms a magic trick where the doll disappears, and reveals that an Ogre boy had it the whole time. The audience cheers with the jester thanking the audience for his magic trick, rolling away to parts unknown. When Monsterous Marine is defeated, he regains the doll, steals Marine's necklace, and reveals he was behind the disappearances, fleeing the scene. He later appears in the Gartranto side story, leading Zackes's Gazbaran's Fangs. He reveals that the 3 Girrant soldiers were actually Majin Soldiers and dares the Hero to fight them. When the Soldiers are defeated, Pujyu and Zackes flee. Pujyu later taunts the Hero about the chocolate stuffed doll, which gets taken by Chief Spindle. Pujyu watches the fight between Spindle and Zackes's monster form with the Hero helping the good Ogre, with Zackes losing the battle. Pujyu criticizes and mocks the Ogre for his defeat and leaves, becoming a wanted man. He is not seen again until the end of Tobias's side story, secretly taking Nadragle's Shock seed. He later shows up interrupting the Hero's retirement party with a fake Anlucia and stealing Kyronos's Shock seed, while the real one saves him on Pegasus. The Hero chases him to a door resembling an Escudogre monster and the two fight. Pujyu loses, but uses the Shock seed to open the demon realm, and mocks the Hero of the worst to come, disappearing in purple smoke.


Dragon Quest X


# - Pujyu
Demon Family
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HP MP Attack Defence Weight
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Exp Gold Drop None
5000 0 G
Note: None
Normal attack
Cursed Juggling
Surprise Box
Haunts at:


  • Pujyu is similar to villainous Jester characters in other video games, such as Dimentio, Kefka, Joka, Marx, & Dhoulmagus. All of them are just brushed aside as insignificant until their ulterior motives are found out too late.
    • For Dimentio, both are seemingly just silly jesters who have a more sinister side to them, and both commit a final act that makes things worse for the world. (Dimentio leaves behind the last of his power to ensure the Chaos Heart takes all worlds even if he dies and Pujyu uses the Shock seed to open the Demon Realm's doors.)
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