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The Pyramid is a recurring dungeon in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest III[]

Making its debut, it is located in the desert north of Isis and contains the Magic Key, but is filled with traps, puzzles, and special limitations, such as magic being nullified in certain areas and a button puzzle.

Monsters Encountered[]


Version Differences[]

  • The layout of the Pyramid is slightly altered in the remakes.
  • The magic limitation is lifted in many areas of the Pyramid in the remakes, making traversing the dungeon substantially easier.

Golden Claws[]

This weapon is hidden in around a tomb in B2, which is only accessible via a hidden staircase found by searching a specific tile in B1. After collecting the Golden Claws, the party will encounter a battle at every step until they exit the Pyramid, making it the most complex weapon to acquire in the game. Although it is accessible when the party first visits the Pyramid, it is unlikely that the heroes have the strength to retrieve it and escape without dying until later in the game.

Magic Limitations[]

Spells are nullified in certain areas of the pyramid, including spells cast in battle from both the party and monsters, as well as from the map screen.

Button Puzzle[]

The button puzzle within the pyramid must be completed in order to retrieve the Magic Key. A hint on how to solve it is sung by the chilren in the throne room of Isis castle. The buttons must be pressed in the correct order to receive the key.

Dragon Quest VII[]

While it doesn't appear in the game, a similar dungeon, the Hidden Pyramid, appears instead.

Dragon Quest X[]


Found in the east of the Defell Wilderness, it contains the God's Scarlet Stone

Monsters Encountered[]


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