Pyre o' Fire is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. When used, it creates a pillar of flame that singes the enemy, dealing 170~190 damage for 0 MP, but has a 33.5% chance to fail when used. It is affected by Backdraft and Insulatle.


Dragon Quest VI

Pyre o' Fire deals 180 fire damage and can bypass Defending Champion. It is learned by advancing to rank 7 of the Ranger vocation. It fails permantely when used on the ship or underwater, but works in underwater places like the Seabed Shrine. The Loss leaders and the Demon overlords, as well as their master can use this skill against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VII

Pyre o' Fire can be learned by advancing to Rank 8 (PS1) and/or Rank 7 (3DS) of the Luminary, as well as Rank 4 of the Druid class. It can kill many enemies and damage some bosses, but is useless against the Fire Spirit, who also uses it against the party who want him to help deal with "the Almighty"'s sealing away of "evil worlds".

Dragon Quest X

Pyre o' Fire returns after 3 whole games, and can be learned by investing 40 skill points in the Druid class. Unlike VI & VII, it costs MP to use and only targets a single enemy, making it a skill version of Kafrizz. It hits a target for about 500 to 700 damage. Lamplings can use this skill, despite debuting from the game after it.

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