Queen Voluptua is a character from IX. She's the current beautiful and vain Queen of the desert town, Gleeba and has a trouble-making, yet softhearted, pet lizard she calls Dracky-Woo.

She boasts her prized possession; a ballroom sized area that serves as her private bathing chambers, and can be seen from the second floor of her castle. It is designed a bit like an oasis (which links to the palace name- the Mirage Mahal); being dotted with exotic flowers and palm trees. She is the daughter of the late King Aqueus, The High Drator, and is an incredibly vain person. She is more interested in her beauty than the safety and well-being of the kingdom, and as such, she is a disappointment to the citizens of Gleeba, including her father.


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When she first appears, Voluputa is vain and only cares for her pet. She does not listen to reason and is quick to fire servants.



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The name "Voluptua" is derived from the word "voluptuous" - full of delight or pleasure of the senses, or given to or spent in enjoyment of luxury, pleasure, or sensual gratification. This explains the Queen's abnormal obsession with her beauty and constant bathing.


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