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Quests are a gameplay feature in Dragon Quest IX which augments and enhances the game. They serve as a way to obtain various specialty items and features by completing them individually. Many are also available via online connection using the DQVC, allowing Square Enix to present the appearance of delivering additional content after the game's initial release (Action Replay users have confirmed that all of the extra quests are already present in the game ROM).

Special quest categories[]

Unlocking classes[]

The six advanced classes (Gladiator, Paladin, Armamentalist, Ranger, Sage, and Luminary) must be unlocked via quests.

Class-specific quests[]

Each of the twelve classes in Dragon Quest IX has quests available at level 15 and level 40.  Sage's have an extra quest that becomes available at level 70.

The level 15 quest provides a piece of torso or leg armour exclusive to the class; in some cases it provides two - one for male characters and one for female.

The level 40 quest provides a book (implemented as an Everyday Item) that provides a special ability thematically linked to that class. Using the ability requires the book to be in the inventory of a specific character, and the ability is only available to the character carrying it. The character need not currently be of the class associated with the book.

Skill quests[]

Each of the fourteen non-class-specific skills has quests available at 30 skill points and 100 skill points.

The 30 skill point quest provides an equippable item associated with the skill.

The 100 skill point quest provides a book similar to those provided by the level 40 class quests. These books require that the user be suitably equipped (for example, the Spear skill book's ability is only usable if the character carrying the book is armed with a spear-class weapon).


Accolades associated with questing include:

  • Service Provider - for completing 20 quests
  • Helping Hand - for completing 50 quests
  • Selfless Soul - for completeing 100 quests
  • Mr. Selfless - for completing all quests as well as all the grottoes in the game

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