The Rainbough is an important item in Dragon Quest XI.

Sparkling like a prism, the Rainbough is a cast-off branch of Yggdrasil and due to this it has the power to act as a compass towards the Six Orbs when wielded by one of Yggdrasil's chosen few, the Luminairies, because it shines brightly when near one of them.

The Rainbough was originally retrived from the almighty tree by the first Luminary, Erdwin, and after his demise it was returned to his homeland of Dundrasil, where it became one of their royal treasures. Under unclear circumstances the Rainbough would eventually being transported to Arboria, and it traces would become lost to the world at large.

Many years later, the Zwaardsrustian prime minister began offering the absurdly high sum of one million gold coins to whoever broght the branch back to them. This reward attracted the attention of a novice adventurer named Chalky, who began traveling in search of the artefact. After many travels, Chalky would rescue the son of Arboria's chief after he collapsed from hypothermia near Sniflheim, and for this service he was presented with the Rainbough as a reward. Chalky however, having grown more found to the sense of adventure than the Zwaardsrustian bounty chose instead to take the Keystone , a magical artefact for a teleportal known as the Door of Departure, while the Rainbough was taken by his traveling partner, a doctor hailing from the desert kingdom of Gallopolis. The doctor took the branch back to his homeland, where it became part of the sultanate royal treasure for many years.

Unfortunatly, due to the current Sultan somewhat ill-thought spending habits, the Rainbough would end up sold for next to nothing to a Gondolian merchant so that the Sultan could finance the Sand National horse race held the year of his only son coming of age birthday. The merchant would then sold the Rainbough for a fortune to the mayor of Octagonia and buy an expensive villa in Puerto Valor with the proceeds. 

The mayor in turn decided to offer the Rainbough as the grand prize for whoever would win that year Masked Martial Arts tournament, with ironically one of the Six Orbs, the Yellow Orb , being offered as the consolation prize. 

Convinced it would serve as a clue to discover his own destiny, the newly reborn Luminary and his party decided to search for the mystical branch after hearing of its existance from the information broker Noah, who had a glimpse of it during his stay in Gallopolis. After many tribulations, the party finally tracked down the Rainbough in Octagonia and set out to win the tournament, unaware that another group of people, Rab and Jade, also were after it, hoping it would lead them to the culprint behind Dundrasil's massacre.

After recognizing the Luminary's identity and solving the mysterious events happening behind the scenes of the tournament, Rab and Jade decided to pilfer the Rainbough together with the Yellow Orb, in order to lead him and his group to Dundrasil's old ruins, where they could unravel his heritage and their true identities. After a brief separation due to a vicious encounter with the Heliodorian army, Rab and Jade join the party and finally convey the Rainbough in the hands of the Luminary and, although initially inert, it does shown the party a vision of the true purpose of the colored orbs. With the yellow orb and the red orb already in his possesion, the Luminary began a quest in search of the remaing four orbs, and after reuniting all six of them the Rainbough rests safely in his possesion for all the remains of his journey.

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