DQVII3DS - Tongue fu fighter
Former name(s) Rainmaker
Japanese name あめふらし
Rōmaji Amefurashi
Family Beast
Introduced in VII

The Rainiac is a boss from the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Rainiac is the cause of the Grey Rain that turns humans into stone. It is very potent and only can be cured with the Angel Tears, provided that the statues are intact. However, if the statues are too eroded, the Angel Tears will not be effective. Also, depending on the exposure, the Angel Tears will only succeed in removing the stone curse but the stiffness will remain, in which case Palmela's prescription is effective.

The Rainiac passed through Regenstein 50 years before the party arrives. There, the people were eroded by the elements and are unable to return to normal. Felix, a resident of Regenstein, was saved because he was hiding in his hideout, protected from erosion. Klemens was also saved because he was not in the town at the time. When the party uses the Angel Tears on Regenstein, Felix returns to normal. Now he and Klemens journey to other towns warning them about the horrors of the Grey Rain.

The Rainiac recently passes through Greenthumb Gardens and curses the residents with the Grey Rain, turning them to stone. It is at this time that the party arrives. He is surprised that the party hasn't been turned to stone so he proceeds to attack the party. However he is defeated. The Rainiac boast that the party will not be able to save the residents of Greenthumb Gardens. But the party uses the Angel Tears and saves the town.


The Rainiac has about 450 HP. He can attack twice in one turn. Its regular attack cause 15-20 HP. It can use Lush Licks which will cause one of your party members to lose a turn. Its Frigid Air will hit the party for 15 HP each.

Maribel should use Sap twice to remove its defense. Kiefer should use Focus Strength/Flame Slash on the Rainiac while the Hero and Ruff attack regularly. At this point, the Rainiac shouldn't cause that much trouble.

Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 450
Experience 350
Gold 310
Skills Two Turns
Frigid Air
Lush Licks
Spells Healmore
Family Beast
Locations Verdham

Other languages

Other languages
French Unknown
German Unknown
Spanish Pluviófilo hormiguero
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown

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