Rake 'n' Break is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VIII 3DS

Only appearing in the 3DS remake, it is learned by Morrie when one invests 66 skill points into his claw skill tree. It costs 3 MP to use, and is useful against Captain Crow if one has Morrie present in their party when he joins.

Dragon Quest IX

Making its debut, it is learned when one invests 88 skill points into the Claw skill tree. It hits enemies for 1.4 times the damage of a normal attack, as well as remove any buffs from them. It costs 4 MP to use.

Dragon Quest X

Learned when 100 skill points are invested into the claw skill tree, it hits enemies for 2.6 times the normal damage of a normal attack and once again removes buffs from them. Recruited Mecha-mynahs, Small fries, and Jailcats can also learn it through the 7th reincarnation. It costs 12 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

Acting the same as in X, it is learned by Rab after Angri-La and once again costs 12 MP to use. Gyldygga and her stronger counterpart in Drustan's Labyrinth can use it again enemies in battle.

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