Remidheal is a recurring recovery spell in the Dragon Quest series.


In battle, restores a moderate amount of HP to the target in the first turn, giving Regen status over several turns.


Dragon Quest X

Making its debut, it is learned by players in the Priest and Paladin vocations at level 25 and level 30, respectively. It recovers up to 300 HP to allies and costs 4 MP to cast. In addition, the Marquis de Léon, Living statues, and Stone guardians can also use this spell to recover their wounds, making them a challenge.

Dragon Quest XI

Sylvando learns Remidheal at level 28 and casts it for 8 MP. The spell restores a small amount of HP at the beginning of the target's turn, starting at 22 HP and ending at 30 HP when the jester's magical mending hits 142. Morcant also uses this spell to help Erik, when he appears as the healslime Healijah.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

An assist skill of a Cureslime when summoned by its Monster Medal, it restores the activated character's HP by about 40 points every 5 seconds.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Learned by Kiryl and by Lazarel and Theresa in the Priest vocations, it is a purely enhanced version of Reheal with improved healing and duration. It costs 16 MP to use, and the amount of healing is 13 to 15 in the magic circle, 7 for everyone, and both can be healed up to 8 times every 2 seconds. It is also an assist skill of a Cureslime when summoned by its Monster Medal once again.

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