Revocation is the process of changing a character from the maximum level (99) to the minimum level (1) in a single vocation in Dragon Quest IX. This process is useful for acquiring additional skill points, getting special items, and increasing the chances of getting higher quality treasure maps.

For a single character, revocation can be used as many times as you like for each vocation as long as he/she is level 99 in that vocation. If you revocate you will see after that vocation either +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, or finally a star. if you revocate again after you obtain the star it will stay as a star. The first time revocation is used on a vocation, a special item is given to the player as a bonus and if you revocate a hero's vocation 10 times you will get a new title (1 for each Vocation).

Also note that stat growth items (Pretty betsy, Seed of Life/Magic/Strength/Deftness/Agility/Defence/Sorcery/Therapeusis) and passive stat bonuses obtained with skill points will remain in effect even if you revocate, though stat bonuses gained by level-up are lost.

Maximizing skills

Revocation is necessary in order for a character to maximize his/her skills. See Skills (Dragon Quest IX) for more information.

Treasure map quality

The first 10 times the Hero revocates the same vocation, there is an improvement to the computed quality value of a treasure map. Each revocation increases the possible quality value by 5 points. For more information see Treasure map (Dragon Quest IX).

Special items

The first time a class is revocated, a special accessory is awarded to the player based on the vocation. Note that each item can only be obtained once.

Warrior Soldier's medal Attack +30
Priest Lifesaving medal Magical mending +50
Mage Mager achievement Magical might +50
Martial artist Mercury prize Agility +120
Thief Honour among thieves Increase stealing sucess
Minstrel Wear-with-all Award Allows user to equip opposite gender items (except torso dresses)
Gladiator Critical acclaim Increases critical hit chance
Paladin Order of chivalry Defense +20
Armamentalist Combat action medal Increases coup-de-grace chance by 3
Ranger Medal of freedom Deftness +100
Sage Legion of merit Max MP +60
Luminary Noscar Increases charm

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