Right as Rain is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series. It summons a replenishing rainshower that restores each party member's HP for 7~9 rounds.


Dragon Quest IX

Making its debut, this ability is learned with 22 skill points allocated into the enlightenment skill of the sage vocation. The amount restored is the recipient's level divided by two.

Dragon Quest X

Learned with 4 skill points invested into the enlightenment skill of the sage vocation, it restores 20% of HP for all allies. However, it can now be used by monsters, namely alchemy piggy, cureslime, and metal healslime, the third of which makes it even more difficult to defeat due to 3 HP being restored per 3 seconds prior to Version 3 onwards.

Dragon Quest XI

Acting the same as in previous games, it is learned by Rab when he joins the party and is once again used by cureslimes. Depending on Rab's Magicial Mending, it can heal 52 HP at 900.

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