Ring of Ruin is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series


Dragon Quest X

Making its debut, it is learned when 70 skill points are invested into the Heavy wand skill tree. A magic circle is made that increases the chance of magic going haywire by 25%, and costs 4 MP to use.

Dragon Quest XI

Rab and Veronica learn this skill through their Heavy Wand character builder. Unlike in X, it is merely an enhancement for the whole party, potentially making their spells go haywire for 2 turns. It is also part of the In the Pink Pep Power, requiring Jade's Pink Typhoon.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End

Appearing as a skill Lazarel and Theresa can use when they are in the Mage vocation, it acts the same as in X, in addition to being used by Fractos in his strong boss fight. It costs 12 MP to use.

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