Romaria (formerly known as Romaly) is a castletown located in the overworld of Dragon Quest III. It is visited early in the game, shortly after completing the Path of Promise. It is the first "mainland" location visited in the game.


Romaly is a typical castletown which features a king who can save the game. It is the first location in a Dragon Quest game which features a Monster Arena where the player can gamble on enemy monster battles.

Golden Crown Subquest

Romaria is the focal point of the Golden Crown subquest. Upon first arrival, the king will request the heroes retrieve his stolen crown from a group of bandits. These bandits are Robbin' 'ood and his henchmen who are headquartered in the nearby Skyfell Tower. By defeating Robbin' 'ood, the heroes can return the crown to the king. Subsequently, the king will make the hero king of Romaria. However, in order to continue the quest, the hero must speak with the former king in the Monster Arena and express his desire to resign the throne.

Nearby enemies

Weapon/Armor shop

Item shop

Locked doors


Other notable attributes

   Save icon    This is a location where the game can be saved.


  • The name Romaly comes from the city of Rome in real world Italy. Romaly is located in the same corresponding location on the world map in Dragon Quest III.

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