Rosehill (originally Rosalee Hill) is a town in Dragon Quest IV. It is best well known for containing the tower in which Rose is hidden away by Psaro for her protection.


Dragon Quest IV

Psaro built a small tower for his lover Rose (who was named after this town by Psaro) far away from humans, because they sought her ruby tears to pad their coffers. The town of Rosehill grew up around it, as others looking for shelter from humans relocated there. When the party visits it, it is a town of elves and animals who have gained the ability to speak, thanks to the Secret of Evolution.

At night, the figure of a woman can be seen at the uppermost front window of the tower, with no apparent access to the room from the inside. During the day, the woman has vanished. It is in this tower that Sir Roseguardin and the Sphere of Silence, the green knight was charged with protecting, can be found. Later in the game, when the player stands directly on the square slate in front of the tower and plays the Flute of Revelation, the party is lowered underground and discover how to access the top floor of the tower (and Rose's bedchamber).

A lone hill covered with multi-colored flowers is also present in Rosehill, perhaps to be the final resting place of a tortured maiden.

Dragon Quest XI

The tower of Rosehill is available as the second IV location in the Echo Chamber. Once visited, the Luminary will see that Rose and her slime are being chased around her room by Sir Roseguardian in a fit of fury. Once the knight is knocked around, he comes to his senses and apologizes, explaining that he must have come under a curse to break his vow. The slime notices that the flute of revelation was broken in the ruckus, and must be replaced. The item needed is a revelatree branch, and Rose will be so moved by the act of charity that she will breakdown in tears, shocking her visitors with rubies.

Remake Changes

  • In the NES Version, using the Flute of Revelation reveals a stairway that leads the player into a hidden part of the tower. In the PSX & further remakes versions, using the flute reveals an elevating platform which descends into the hidden portion of the tower.
  • The Hero and his companions go by Rosehill at the end of the game. The first version of the ending shows Rose being mourned, while the second shows Rose and Psaro viewing the party's balloon floating by.
  • In the phone ports (iOS, Mobile and Android), after Zack is recruited into the Immigrant Town, he points the party to a potential church priest dwarf in this town.

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