Roundaclout is an ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest VIII

In its debut appearance, Redtail hipsters and Swingin' hipsters use a weaker version hitting enemies for 30-37 and 48-59 damage. The Riptides and Claws, on the other hand use the stronger version, hitting enemies for 46-57 and 77-94 damage.

Dragon Quest IX

Acts the same as in VIII, but is weaker and hits enemies for 18-21 and 21-26 points of damage.

Dragon Quest X

While being outshined by various moves like Rotary kick, Rotary Charge, & Rotary Punch, it is used by Wyrtles, hitting enemies for 1.2 times the normal damage of a physical attack.

Dragon Quest XI

While it acts the same as in previous appearances and is used by Brollympian and Brollygarch, it now hits enemies for wind attribute damage and can knock them for a turn.

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