Roundhouse Kick is a recurring ability in the Dragon Quest series.


Damages a group of enemies from left to right, weakening with each blow.


Dragon Quest IV

Only appearing in the remakes, it is used by Chow Mein during his and Foo Yung's boss fight.

Dragon Quest VI

Roundhouse Kick is obtained by advancing to rank 2 of the Martial Artist vocation. It is also used by jackal rippers, Commander Brutus, Zozagel, and Mortamor's second forme in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest VII

Learned by advancing to rank 4 of the Martial Artist, it acts the same as in VI, and is also used by Wyatt during the Allblades Arena tournament.

Dragon Quest XI 3DS and Switch

Reappearing after a long hiatus from the main series games, it is used by Mortamammoth in battle.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Appearing as a combo of Alena's, it is activated by pressing □・□・□・△ (Y/Y/Y/X in the Nintendo Switch port), with the damage output being higher in the second stage.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twins Kings and Ending of the Prophecy

While used by Alena once again, it is also a combo of Carver's that can be activated by pressing the △ button. (X in the Nintendo Switch port)

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