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The Royal Missive (Royal scroll in DQIV) is a document to be presented to an NPC from a king. It is a set of instructions to be presented to an NPC to allow access to a new part of the world map previously blocked off from the player, with the one exception being in its second appearance.

Dragon Quest III[]

The King of Portoga, wanting Black pepper from the town of Baharata, gives the Hero the Royal Scroll so that Nordy the Dwarf will grant passage in Nordy's Grotto.


(NES Version)[]

My dear Norud,
Please guide the
bearers of this
scroll to the secret
passage called
Bolef's Path.
signed, King of

(GBC Version)[]

My dear Norud,
I ask that you
show the bearer of
this letter out
through Bahn Pass.
King of Portoga


My dearest Nordy,
I hope this epistle finds you well.
I most humbly request that you guide the bearer
of this letter safety through the belly of the
All my fondest regards,
Your constant friend and admirer,
Portogus Rex

Dragon Quest IV[]

King Norman of Endor wants to prevent a war between his country and the neighboring Ballymoral after Torneko reads the Prince's letter in his throne room, written by Prince Regan of the latter nation to warn him of the ambitions of his father King Shamus.

Thinking quickly and recognizing the love his daughter Veronica has for the foreign prince, King Norman drafts a letter explaining the circumstances to his would-be conqueror with the intent to diffuse the situation. The scroll is given to Torneko on the instructions of presenting it to King Shamus directly. Upon reading the message, King Shamus calls off his plans as he now believes that the territory will fall under Ballymoral's control as soon as his grandchildren come of age.


(NES Version)[]

Dear friend,
King of Bonmalmo:
Please listen to what
I must say.
It appears that my
daughter, Mia, and your
son, Reed, are in love.
They don't have to
marry now, but I do
look forward to their
The King of Endor

(DS Version)[]

Your Majesty, King Shamus of Ballymoral,
I apologise for the rather abrupt nature of this missive, but there is an urgent matter I must bring to your attention.
It seems my daughter, Princess Veronica, and your son, Prince Regan, are in love.
Though I would not recommend excessive haste in the matter, I wish to propose that they marry...
Sincerely, King Norman of Endor'

Dragon Quest VI[]

Obtained by King Somnus of The Lower World Somnia after defeating Murdaw in the Underkeep and first trying to revisit Somnia in the Upper World.

It allows the Hero and party to go past the checkpoint north of Somnia to the town of Ghent.


Other languages[]

Other languages
French Parchemin royal
German Königliche Botschaft (IV)
Königliches Dekret (VI)
Spanish Pergamino real
Misiva real
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown