The Ruined Abbey is a dungeon in Dragon Quest VIII. It was the abbey that preceded Maella Abbey.


Not much is known about the history of the former Abbey, other than it was abandoned due to an unspecified plague that claimed the lives of those who lived there.

At Maella Abbey, the party finds out that a jester is visiting Abbot Francisco, and suspect it is Dhoulmagus, but the guards will not let them into the Abbot's quarters. Angelo, who is aware that the jester wishes to harm the Abbot, explains that there is an underground passage through the Ruined Abbey that leads straight to the Abbot's quarters, and that the entrance can be opened with his ring.

The party opens the passageway and proceeds through it, but are stopped by the cursed spirit of the former abbey's abbot. After defeating the late abbot and putting his soul to rest, the party is able to leave the Ruined Abbey, arriving behind the Abbot's house.



Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
Item Location
Dungeon Map L2
Cannibox L2
Bronze shield L3
Mini medal x2 L3
Bandit's grass skirt L3
50G L3
Waterweed mould L3

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