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The rusty sword (Rusted sword in Dragon Quest VI, and sometimes rusty old sword) is a recurring sword weapon in the Dragon Quest series. Though not very serviceable in its current state, it can be refurbished into something remarkable......


Dragon Quest VI[]

The Rusted sword only has an attack bonus of +63. After it is refurbished in Turnscote, it becomes the Sword of Ramias.

Dragon Quest VIII[]

One Rusty old sword is found in one of the four treasure chests behind an iron gate on the ground floor of Castle Trodain, which can be opened only with the Ultimate key, and has an attack bonus of +45. The sword cannot be sold, and its most beneficial usage is to create the Liquid metal sword, by combining it with Orichalcum, and a Slime crown. A contrary alchemy recipe also exist to turn a Liquid metal sword back into a Rusty old sword.

Recipe: Liquid metal sword + 1 Mystifying mixture + 1 Cowpat

An additional Rusty old sword can also be found in the 3DS exsclusive dungeon Memories Lane. Furthermore, the Invisible swordsmen found in the Dragovian Path and Heavenly Dais dungeons have a small chance to drop Rust old swords when defeated.

Dragon Quest IX[]

The Rusty Sword is found in the Realm of the Mighty. It can be refurbished into the legendary Erdrick's sword. While not available in shops, it was available as a DQVC item during the last part of June 2011.

Dragon Quest Swords[]

This sword can be tempered into the Metal King Sword.

Rusty Old Sword
Sell Price
Olde Reflectory Lucky bag item drop by Clank 'n' Knalc



Other languages[]

Other languages
French Vieille epée rouillée
Épée rouillée
German Rostiges Schwert
Rostige Klinge (S)
Spanish Espada oxidada
Italian Spada arrugginita
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown