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Saber is a character in Dragon Quest V. A great sabrecat, a large sabretooth leopard monster, Saber, unlike the other recruitable monster species, will always be recruited by the Hero in his party, first as a cub then, after being separated for quite a few years, as a full-grown adult specimen.

While Saber is considered the default name of the feline, there are also many other optional names to choose from for him, with the most common one used by the series for his re-appearances in other titles being Purrcy.



Dragon Quest V[]

Saber is the first of the names that Bianca will suggest when the young great cat is recruited, inspired by the protagonists of the picture book "The Four great Furry Friends".

As a young sabrecub, Saber somehow wandered in the village of Roundbeck, where he was found by two local children who, unaware of his true nature, treated him like a cat. The two unruly brats would constantly pull mischief and pranks on him to no end, until the young daughter of the local inn-keeper, Bianca, accompanied by her childhood friend the Hero, who was briefly visiting her father Whitey alongside his own father, Pankraz, was disgusted by this behaviour and confronted the two bullies, ordering them to hand over the cat to her. The two bullies, having grown tired by the kitten failing to react, agreed to give him to Bianca and the Hero on the, supposedly, unfulfillable condition that the pair of them would deal with the ghosts dwelling the nearby abandoned castle of Uptaten Towers.

Taking advantage of Pankraz taking a prolonged rest due to the common cold he had caught from Bianca's father, the two children sneaked out of bed night after night, eventually succeeding in their ghost exterminating adventure and ending up being regarded as local heroes by the villagers.

Impressed by their strength, the two brats kept their word and handed over the great sabrecub to them. In gratitude, Saber deeply bonded with the Hero, and he became his reliable pet. Meanwhile, Pankraz, having recovered from his brief sickness, was ready to return to Whealbrook so Bianca, as a keepsake, gifted the feline her ribbon before their departure from town. Saber would then continue to faithfully follow the Hero, assisting him during his adventure into the mystical Faerie Lea, and Pankraz's decision to journey to the nearby kingdom of Coburg.

Unfortunately, after reaching the kingdom, the situation quickly spiraled out of control and into tragedy when the local prince, Harry, was kidnapped by some thugs and taken to a hidden nearby ruins. There, the Hero and Pankraz's rescue attempt was cut short by the arrival of one of the chiefs of the malevolent Order of Zugzwang, the cruel Bishop Ladja, who after easily defeating Saber and the two children in battle, took the Hero hostage, forcing Pankraz to surrender his life on his behalf. Following the Hero's crushing defeat, Bishop Ladja ordered his goons, Slon and Kon, to take him and prince Harry to Crocodilopolis to become labour slaves for the order, while also deciding to leave Saber alone, convinced that once left to run wild, the sabrecub's savage nature would return to him.

Upon waking up, Saber frantically searched for his owners, to no avail, the sabrecub however managing to retrieve Pankraz's sword from his charred remains. Electing to firmly protect the sword, in the next following ten years Saber somehow managed to travel from the Boreas continent to the Zephyrus continent, eventually establishing for himself a den inside a cave near the coast.

Contrary to Ladja's belief, Saber, now grown into a full adult, still refused to attack people, resolving to instead raid the vegetable fields of the nearby village of Hay. Unfortunately, his actions seriously crippled the village food supply, forcing the terrorised townspeople to pitch in a sum of gold, to pay a willing someone to dispose of him.

As a stroke of fate, the person who took the job was the Hero himself, reuniting the two after ten years. Saber however, with his childhood memories almost faded, had difficulty remembering the Hero; as such the two ended up locked into a battle where the Hero couldn't really defeat the beast, while the beast himself only attacked when provoked, due to the hero's scent being familiar to him. The battle only ended when the Hero, having an intuition, took out Bianca's ribbon from his bag; the lingering scent left on the accessory finally jogged Saber's memory making him recognise his old friend, and finally rejoining him. Saber then returned to him Pankraz's sword, which he faithfully had kept guard of for all those years.

As an unfortunate sour note, most of the people of Hay did not buy the veracity of this incredible coincidence, and instead assumed that the Hero and the beast were in cahoots from the start. After begrudgingly paying the Hero the rest of the agreed reward, the bitter townsfolk pushed the two to leave and never come back, a decision that only years later they would come to reevaluate and regret.

Saber, on the other hand, remained loyal to the Hero and his family for all the rest of the story, even after his master and his wife were transformed into stone for eight years. Then, once Grandmaster Nimzo was vanquished for good, Saber probably spent the remainder of his life living peacefully in the kingdom of Gotha alongside his family.

Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes II[]

In Dragon Quest Heroes as well as it's sequel Dragon Quest Heroes II, Bianca's coup de grace, Ribbon Let Die, consists of her using her ribbon to summon Saber and having him attack the enemies.

In this instance, the name the great sabrecat has is Purrcy.

Dragon Quest XI S[]

Met by the Luminary and his friends while journeing inside tomes recounting the tales of past heroes kept in the Echo Chamber after they completed the events of the Briscoletti mansion, the great sabrecat is going unnamed in this instance.

Confused by his unfamiliar surroundings, having gotten lost after the Mount Magmageddon expedition, he somehow ended up in Chateau Felix, where he will constantly endanger Tom, the mansion's servant, forcing a non-lethal encounter with him.

Tom is confused at the beast's aggression as he can normally tame any sabrecat, and fears that he will send the other cats running away out of fear if the feline isn't calmed down soon. Begging the party for help, he asks if they know of something, anything to pacify the puss before it's too late. Tom mentions he can understand the growls of a sabrecat well enough, and explains that he heard him grumble about a Bianca before slinking off. That's the clue to return to the Briscoletti mansion and get Bianca's ribbon--the bride to-be has been worried about the big cat since he got lost, and loans her ribbon out immediately.

Tom uses the ribbon on the great sabrecat, the scent sparking his memories of his master and Bianca once more, and he runs off to rejoin them. Tom is grateful for the party helping a cat in need, and rewards them with a pair of Beast claws for their trouble. Tom will also comment that before departing, the feline growled something under his breath, the password for accessing the chateau at dusk.


Dragon Quest: Your Story[]

In this version of the events of Dragon Quest V, he hero, Luca Gotha, names the Great sabrecat Purrcy. The feline plays a similar role he did in the original telling of the story.


As a permanent member of the team, Saber is a very powerful ally to use. He cannot use magic, but has incredible attack and defence as well as some very powerful techniques. Saber is also one of the fastest characters in the game and often can strike before anyone else.

Being feline, Saber uses fang and claw adornments as weapons, and can don light body armours. Though he can also wear helms, he is limited to open-faced varieties such as the iron helmet, This being the case, he can potentially be outclassed quickly by other monsters and any human companions the player may recruit.

With the maximum number of party members being eight (four active members plus four reserve members) in both the DS and mobile versions, Saber's deployment is a matter of preference, and depends largely on the player's style of play. The hero and his son are the strongest characters in the game, and his daughter can learn the best spells in the game; thus, players are often advised to use them. Players who prefer focusing on attacking may opt to use Saber or Bianca/Debora as their fourth character, while players who prefer to use magic will use Nera.




  • The names recommended by Bianca before looping back to the first one are:
    1. Saber (ボロンゴ)
    2. Leo (プックル)
    3. Spot (アンドレ), remakes only
    4. Mohicat (チロル)
    5. Tom (リンクス), remakes only
    6. Purrcy (ゲレゲレ)
    7. Moggy (モモ), remakes only
    8. Punk (ソロ), remakes only
    9. Pyjamas (ビビンバ), remakes only
    10. Baumren (ギコギコ), remakes only
  • The names of Saber, Leo, Mohicat and Purrcy, come from a pitcure book found in Roundbeck's inn, "The Four Great Furry Friends", a story that Bianca likely readed in the past ans that striked something of a chord with the Hero.
  • One of the names Bianca recommends for Saber is Baumren, which is a reference to the ghost of a great sabrecat met in Dragon Quest VIII. Completing the side quest involving this character gave the party an item called "Baumren's bell", which allowed them to summon a great sabrecat to ride for faster travel on the overworld.

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