The Sage is an advanced vocational class in the Dragon Quest series.

Proficient with both weapons and magic, they are often the most powerful combatants in their respective games.


Dragon Quest III

To become a Sage, a character must have reached level 20 (a basic requirement for changing vocation) and met only one of the following:

  1. Train in the Gadabout vocation, or
  2. Hold a copy of the Words of Wisdom in their personal inventory.

In remake versions, having a personality that favours intelligence growth is recommended as well.


Dragon Quest III (Remake) 
Spell Level Learnt
Frizz 1
Heal 1
Poof 2
Buff 4
Crack 5
Acceleratle 5
Sizz 7
Dazzle 7
Sap 8
Kabuff 9
Evac 9
Snooze 9
Bang 11
Squelch 11
Zoom 12
Deceleratle 12
Woosh 12
Fizzle 13
Sizzle 14
Midheal 14
Drain Magic 15
Tingle 15
Cock-a-doodle-doo 16
Frizzle 17
Peep 18
Kasap 18
Safe Passage 19
Crackle 20
Blasto 20
Oomph 21
Whack 22
Boom 23
Bounce 24
Zing 24
Tick-tock 25
Kacrack 26
Swoosh 26
Fuddle 27
Thwack 28
Kasizz 29
Sheen 30
Fullheal 30
Kacrackle 32
Insulatle 32
Fade 33
Puff! 34
Multiheal 34
Click 35
Kafrizzle 36
Kaswoosh 36
Morph 37
Kaboom 38
Kazing 38
Hocus Pocus 40
Kamikazee 41


In order to become a Sage, the party member must first master the Mage and the Priest classes.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 269
Strength -30%
Agility +20%
Defence -20%
Wisdom +20%
Max HP -20%
Max MP +20%


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Warlock Absorb Self Draws MP from spells cast on user 2
2 High Warlock Insulatle Party Protects party members from fire and ice attacks ?
3 Bishop Limbo
One Enemy
One ally
Removes an enemy from battle
Increases attack power of an ally
4 High Bishop Tsunami
Attacks multiple enemies
Summons random monster to assist in battle
5 Wizard Multiheal
All enemies
Heals all party members
May kill all enemies
6 High Wizard Kazing
One ally
One group
Revives an ally to full HP
Freezes a group of enemies
7 Arch Wizard Magic Barrier
All enemies
Protects against magic
Sacrifices self to hurt enemies
8 Grand Mage Kaboom
All enemies
All enemies
Damages the enemies with a big explosion
Tries to kill all enemies


In order to become a sage in VII, the party member must first master both the Priest and Mage classes. As a Sage, that particular party member's spells will cost less MP. The higher tier the Sage is, lesser MP is expended for spells.

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 250
Strength -30 Percent
Agility +5 Percent
Guard -20 Percent
Intelligence +20 Percent
Appearance Null
Max HP -20 Percent
Max MP +20 Percent
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to Intelligence


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Student Defeat 1 One Group Has a low chance of instantly killing one group of enemies 7
2 Counsel Barrier 15 All Allies Reduces the damage of fire and ice attacks 3
3 Arbiter Blizzard 38 All Enemies Causes ~100 in ice damage 12
4 Seer Magic Wall 65 All Allies Reduces the damage of magic attacks to all allies 3
5 Oracle Heal Us 110 All Allies Heals ~100HP to all allies 10
6 Wise One Revive 150 One Ally Revives one fallen ally with full HP 15
7 Elder Summon 200 Self Summons one of four deities to fight for the party 20
8 Prophet Explodet 250 All Enemies Causes ~140HP in explosion damage 15

Hybrid Abilities

Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Teen Idol Life Dance All Allies Restores all dead party members to life at the cost of the life of the caster but has a chance of failure. It will not work if the caster is the last person alive 0


DQIX - Sage

The Sage vocation is obtained after completing Quest 115.

Quest #115 - "Sages in the Pages"
Location Gittingham Palace - Bookshelf in Gittingham Palace - L2 North
Available at Upon arriving at Gittingham Palace
Requested by Supreme Sage
Response to Supreme Sage
Requirement Kill 5 Great trolls with Frizz.
Reward Sage class becomes available.
Detail The Supreme Sage, who sleeps between the pages of a book on the shelves of Glittengham Palace, asked if you'd like to become a sage too. To do so, you have to finish off five great trolls with Frizz.
Hint for solution Great troll could be found in realm of the mighty. If you could tension up(egg on)your mage and use channel anger(to increase magic might a lot), that shall do the trick.

Sages have the unique skillset "Enlightenment", and can also use skill points to learn Boomerang, Bow, Wand and Shield skills. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Spelly Breath," which recharges a portion of their MP.

Mages and Priests should look to invest skill points in Enlightenment for the boosts to Magical Might, Magical Mending, Max MP, and the MP Consumption drop. This will boost both the effectiveness of their spells and the ability to cast many spells for longer periods of time without having to return to an inn or use an item.


Required points Name Effects
4Natural Magical Mending +20Permanently adds 20 to magical mending
10Jack's KnackChange vocations on the field
16Natural Magical Might +20Permanently adds 20 to magical might
22Right as RainRain shower restores HP for a few rounds
32Natural Magical Mending +40Permanently adds 40 to magical mending
42Disruptive WaveDispels all status changes on enemies
55Natural Magical Might +40Permanently adds 40 to magical might
68Caster SugarTemporarily boosts magical mending and magical might
82Natural Max MP +60Permanently adds 60 to max MP
100MP Consumption -25%Reduces MP costs by 25%


Name Level MP Description
Heal22Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
Zam24Strikes a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Squelch52Cures a single ally of the effects of poison.
Evac53Exit instantly from dungeons, caves, and towers.
Bang85Damages all enemies with a small explosion.
Zammle87Smites a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Divine Intervention134Weakens a group of enemies against attack spells.
Midheal164Restores at least 75 HP to a single ally.
Zing208Resurrects a fallen ally, but sometimes fails.
Multiheal2416Restores at least 100 HP to all party members.
Boom2710Engulfs all enemies in a large explosion.
Kabuff306Raises the defence of all party members.
Moreheal338Restores at least 165 HP to a single ally.
Magic Barrier386Protects the whole party from attack spells.
Kazam4320Smashes a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Kazing4515Resurrects a fallen ally every time.
Kaboom4828Blasts all enemies with a violent explosion.
Kazammle6145Strikes a single enemy with stygian lightning.
Kaboomle6656Blasts all enemies with an incredibly violent explosion.
Magic Burst78AllUnleashes all remaining MP in a fearsome explosion.



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