Sailor is a beginner vocational class in Dragon Quest VII.


The sailor is an experienced and hardy warrior of the sea. He or she will learn some travel spells that will be useful on the high seas. In battle, the mariner will learn sea-based techniques. He or she will also be resistant to sea-based skills like Tsunami. After mastering this class, the mariner can become a Pirate, provided that he has also master the Thief class.


Main games

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes
Statistics Change
Battles to Master 83
Strength Null
Agility +5 Percent
Guard +10 Percent
Intelligence -10 Percent
Appearance Null
Max HP +15 Percent
Max MP -20 Percent
Level Title Learns Battles Needed
1 Swabbie Net Loss 0
2 Cabin Boy Body Slam 5
3 Rigger Tingle, Hornpipe 12
4 Mate Mean Sweep 21
5 Bosun Zzz Shanty 31
6 First Mate Stone's Throw 41
7 Ship's Captain Swoosh 53
8 Commodore Lightning 83
Hybrid Abilities
Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Bard WaveSong One Group Causes one group to fall asleep 0
Cleric HolyAura All Allies Prevents allies from being damaged. However, they can't attack 10
Dancer ShipDance One Enemy If successful, prevents one enemy from acting the next turn 0
Fighter Big Trip One Enemy Damages the enemy and prevents them from acting the next turn 0
Mage Lightning All Enemies Causes ~40 HP in Electric Damage 0
Warrior BirdSlash One Enemy Causes 50 percent extra damage to Bird Types, regular damage to all others 0

The Sailor learns Zzz Shanty, which is somewhat useful when the player reaches Wetlock. Lightning is also useful. However, if the player should want a Sailor, make sure to master the Thief class as well.

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