Salta is a boss monster in Dragon Quest Swords. He is one of several mirror bosses available after completing the main story of the game. Salta is a member of the Cyclops family of monsters.


Salta is always accompanied by 2 Magidracky in battle. These Magidracky attempt to cast shield weakening spells on the hero while Salta attacks. For the first half of the battle, Salta uses series' of club strikes in various patterns. For the second part of the battle, he fires projectiles from his eye from a distance. Many of these projectiles are returnable, which is the primary way to damage him.

Level rewards

For more information, see Level scoring in Dragon Quest Swords

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  • The name 'Salta' is a play on words. Spelled backwards it is 'Atlas', a cyclops that has appeared in multiple Dragon Quest games as a boss.
  • Salta and Der Gib are the only bosses to have Magidracky assist them in battle.

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