The Sanctum (formerly the Sanctuary, the Southern Shrine or the Sacred Shrine) is a small shrine located south of Rimuldar in southeastern Alefgard. The shrine appears in Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III.


Dragon Quest

A sage lives in the shrine who demands the hero show him proof of his relation to Erdrick. After being shown the Mark of Erdrick, the man offers to combine the Sunstone and the Staff of Rain to create the Rainbow Drop. Without the token, he ejects the hero from the shrine.

Dragon Quest II

Similar to Dragon Quest, a man lives in the shrine who wants proof of the heroes heritage. By showing him Erdrick's Token, the man gives the hero's party Erdrick's helmet.

Dragon Quest III

The shrine is again the location to acquire the Rainbow Drop. It again requires both the Sun Stone and the Staff of Rain in order to make.

Dragon Quest Builders

In this alternate version of the events of Dragon Quest, the Sanctum makes an indirect appearance. Due to the Dragonlord's countinuous attacks, the Sanctum was completly destroyed long ago. However from it's rubble, the sacred tree Yggdrasil sprouted and grown to gigantic size, imbued by the life-giving power leaft behind by the shrine. Unfortunatly due to the various plagues infesting the land of Rimuldar, the humans of the area began leeching away it's power more and more, for they needed its energies in order to survive, and by the time the legendary Builder reached it, the tree was reduced to a mosty withered husk. Ruins of the original shrine can be seen all around the base of the trunk, as well as sections lifted from the ground, that now rests on the boughts of the tree.

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