Sandstorm (AKA Sand Screen in DQotS) is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV

Making its debut, it is a random action of Torneko Taloon that can potentially blind enemies in battle. However, it does not appear in the DS remake onwards, having been deleted.

Dragon Quest V

Now a skill for enemies, it is used by Flatulent ferrets, Foetid ferrets, Drag-goons, and Mother ockers to blind enemies in battle.

Dragon Quest VI

Learned when one advances to Rank 1 of the Thief vocation, it can potentially blind all enemies, with Chompoceroses and Prison guards using it in battle. Its range is reduced to 1 enemy group in the remake, though.

Dragon Quest VII

Sandstorm is again learned at the Thief vocation through rank 2 this time, but can also be acquired at rank 4 of the Mimic vocation, acting the same as in VI, and is also used by Shabby cats, Vile vials, Half hogs, Whole hogs, Blighted bloaters, Hell hogs, Rashers, and Bagley in battle. The range is reduced to 1 enemy group in the 3DS remake, similar to VI's remake, as well as learning it at Rank 1 of the Thief vocation again.

Dragon Quest VIII

An enemy only skill for the first time since V, it is used by Jargons in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest IX

Once again an enemy only skill, it is used by Sacksquatchs and Power hammers in battle against their enemies.

Dragon Quest XI

Reappearing after taking a backseat from the previous game, it is used by Cheater cheetahs as well as Jargons once again in battle.

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