Savella Cathedral is a cathedral located below the Lord High Priest's residence. It is a massive site for pilgrims everywhere, and a popular spot for royal weddings.


Savella Cathedral can be visited by the party as soon as the ship is acquired. If they head to building housing the lift to the Lord High Priest's Residence, they will encounter Marcello, who pretends to not remember who Angelo is before leaving.

Later on, the party arrives to save the Lord High Priest from being killed by Sir Leopold. Despite managing to save the Lord High Priest and kill Sir Leopold, Marcello accuses them and High Priest Rolo of trying to kill the Lord High Priest and has them sent to Purgatory Island.

In the epilogue, Princess Medea and Prince Charmles' wedding takes place here. However, depending on the player's actions, this ends in the following ways: the Hero and Medea running away together after King Trode cancels the wedding, the Hero and Medea marrying instead, King Trode calling off the wedding and the Hero and Jessica running away together, or King Trode cancels the wedding between his daughter and the prince and the Hero and Jessica marry instead.

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