Scorch (formerly Blazing Fire), is a recurring breath attack in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest IV

Only appearing in the remakes, it is used by Foo Yung & Aamon.

Dragon Quest V

An early version debuts in this game, used by Nimzo and Estark. It is also used by recruited monsters like Barbatos, Great dragon, Slime, and Archdemon.

Dragon Quest VI

Scorch makes its official debut learned by a character taking the Dragon (class). Mortamor and Nokturnus also use this skill in battle.

Dragon Quest VII

Scorch can be learned by a character using the Druid vocation and is also used by Orgodemir, Vis magers, Drakulards, Warlord weighverns, Birds of terrordise, Rotwyrms, and Drakulords. Its power is reduced to 130~150 damage in the 3DS remake, and outclassed by Hellfire in both versions.

Dragon Quest VIII

Used when Munchie eats the Scorching Cheese. Vermillion dragon & the Ultimate dragon can also use this skill as well in battle, and is also used by Dhoulmagus in Memoriam as well as Estark once again in the 3DS remake.

Dragon Quest IX

An enemy only skill for the first time since its debut, it is used by Cosmic chimaeras, Stale whales, Wonder wyrtles, Master moosifers, Scarlet fevers, the Dragonlord, Malroth, Baramos, Murdaw, Dhoulmagus, and Rhapthorne, as well as Birds of terrordise, Estark, Nimzo, Mortamor, and Nokturnus once again. It is outclassed by Hellfire for the first time since VII.

Dragon Quest X

Used by Moosifers, Hot dogs, Hypothermions, Demons-at-arms, Belfggors, Dragsters, Drake slimes, Elder flames, Lingering ogres, EvilClouds, Tyrantosauruses, Jurassic lloyds, Lunar chimaeras, Masqueraiders, Night clubbers, Spitniks, Terrorhawks, Prism peacocks, Stark ravens, Raven lunatics, Metal dragon slimes, Batmandrills, Lunar chimaeras, Chimaeras gone Vicious, Barbatos, as well as Cosmic chimaeras, Master moosifers, Birds of terrordise, once again. It is outclassed by Hellfire once again, though, and can also be learned by recruited Small fries and Hacksauruses by investing 32 skill points into their Knowledge of Flame Breath skill tree, costing 12 MP for them to use.

Dragon Quest XI

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