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Scrimsley is a town in VI. Located in the Real World north and east of Ghent, it is home to one of the game's sidequests. Amos became a local hero here, but the town is also notorious for a darker secret.


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Scrimsley would seem the usual quiet, unassuming town in the middle of nowhere if it were not for the reports of monster attacks and strange noises in the night. Amos, then a wandering swordsman, arrived here some years ago to render his aid. When monsterkind threatened the town, Amos would beat it back and peace would be restored. And so it would remain until, on one particular night, a were-drackal attacked. Amos fought bravely and defeated the beast, but during the battle, it bit Amos on his backside, cursing him to the same gruesome fate; by the light of a full moon, Amos would become the Scrimsley terror, stomping through the town and inciting fear among the residents. Most of the townspeople would lock themselves in their homes, not knowing what could be done to slay the beast. A few, however, knew that this was Amos and hesitated to do anything for fear that he would leave. Thus was the secret kept for many years after the initial attack; after all, the people of Scrimsley owed Amos a great debt for protecting them.

The Hero and his party happen upon Scrimsley one fateful day as the townsfolk continue to wrestle with their predicament: stop the monster, but save their beloved Amos as well. The party gathers its info and then stays a night at the inn. In the darkness, the Scrimsley terror attacks, and the party moves to confront him.

The party successfully subdues the Scrimsley terror, and everyone manages to get their rest. Yet, those aware of what has happened plead with the party to never tell Amos of his bouts of somnambulism or his stints as the monster. One person reveals that there may even be a cure for Amos' bizarre condition: seeds of reason are known to bring sense to the otherwise senseless, and if they worked for her partner, they should help Amos as well. These magical seeds are grown on a small summit north of town.

The party scales the Peak of Reason and finds there a plant with a smart mouth that, when pulled, tells them the seeds are nearby. Searching the area, they grab a handful of the seeds and head back to town.

Back at Amos' place, the seeds are ground into a powder and served to Amos. The medicine is bitter to the taste, and causes Amos to transform. This time, however, his mind breaks through, and he is able to control his were-drackal form at will. His mind restored, Amos asks to join the party, as he now seeks to embark on other adventures. The townsfolk are in agreement, but will miss him dearly.

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