The seasaur is a monster vocation available in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The seasaur is a sea monster that feeds on sailors. This vocation offers a moderate increase to strength and Max HP and moderate to severe drops to all other categories.


To become a seasaur, the character needs to master the notso macho, lips and jawtoise vocations. A seasaur heart can also be obtained in battle by fighting these monsters at sea during the present, near the end of the game; and at the Cathedral of Blight but only through the path available when using the Aqua Charm.

Required for

Gigalumph (with rashaverak)

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 200
Strength +15 Percent
Agility Null
Guard -10 Percent
Intelligence -20 Percent
Appearance -30 Percent
Max HP +10 Percent
Max MP -20 Percent
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Strength


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Puddler Nothing 0
2 Pond Scum Ice Air 13 All Enemies Causes ~55 HP in ice damage 0
3 Pond Lord Nothing 26
4 LaGoon Ramming 52 One Enemy Reduces the user and the enemy to 20% HP if successful 0
5 Sea Monster Nothing 83
6 Eat Pirate Scorching 130 All Enemies Causes ~70 HP in fire damage 0
7 Kraken Nothing 150
8 Leviathan Ice Storm 200 All Enemies Causes ~130 HP in ice damage 0


The Kraken is a mythological Scandinavian monster. Its common perception is that it is an octopus/squid monster able to sink a ship due to its sheer size.

Leviathan is mentioned in the book of Job in the Old Testament. God asks Job if he is able to hook Leviathan like a fish and tie down its tongue with a rope to demonstrate the powerlessness of Job. In modern demonology, Leviathan is associated with the sin of envy.

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