The seed of skill is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series which was first introduced in Dragon Quest VIII. It is an item that increases the number of unallocated skill points to a character. The amount varies in different games. This seed can be found in treasure chests, pots, drawers and bags. It can also be stolen from or dropped by certain enemies. They cannot be bought.


Dragon Quest VIII

In Dragon Quest VIII, this seed increases the target character's skill points by 5 which must be allocated right away.

Dragon Quest IX

It increases the skill points of the target character by 2. Seeds of skill are found through quests and red treasure chests in certain dungeons. They are also rare drops from the Platinum King Jewel.

Dragon Quest XI

Unlike previous games, each seed of skill bears only one skill point to the consumer.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, the seed of skill could be in various locations on the islands, as balls of light, and in re-usable chests. Using the seed grants monsters more skill points. These skill seeds respawn after entering a new island and coming back.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Appearing once again, the seed of skill functions in an identical manner to the previous game. These cannot be found on the overworld as balls of light, but as herb leaves that drop medicinal items. They respawn in an identical manner to the previous game.

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