Serena is a character from Dragon Quest XI. She is capable of using recovery, wind and defensive geared magic, and wielding wands and shields or a spear in battle. She plays a small lyre.


Serena is a young woman with violet eyes and long blonde hair pulled back with a green hairband. She wears a green kirtle over a white dress, an orange skirt with a silver buckle around her waist, and purple shoes worn with orange socks. She also wears a pair of blue earrings and blue pearls around her neck.


She is a neat and tidy beauty. Although she is calm, laid-back, and compassionate, Serena is also slightly hapless and causes worry for her older sister Veronica.


Dragon Quest XI


As a Priest, Serena will more than likely serve as her party's de facto healer and buffer in the early going; and for this reason, the player should focus on improving her magical mending as they are able. To that end, one can invest in her Wands and Harpistry trees as much as is possible. With her sister, she gains access to powerful regeneration magic when pepped up.

Although Rab learns some spells earlier (and is quite useful when he does), Serena will far outrank him when the story effectively gives her a class change to Sage. She will have the lowest physical stats of the six characters that join the party, but has a broad range of spells to compensate for it. She also gets nearly double the skill points allocation when she is recruited, potentially giving her access to her most powerful priest abilities. At this point, the player is free to mould Serena as is seen fit.

She returns to being a Priest if the player chooses to proceed with the "In Search of Lost Time" scenario, but gains access to the highest levels of wind and healing magic along with regaining her unique defensive abilities as a result. In particular, the early Snap, Crackle, Poof! skill can help mitigate the effects of enemy debuffs, while the late Grace of the Goddess can save her from insta-death attacks, giving her the potential to rescue a doomed fight. Rab still learns many more spells, but they are nowhere near the strengths of either sister; his also have a more situational usefulness than either Serena’s or Veronica’s at this point.

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