Serpent's Bite is a whip ability in the Dragon Quest series. The whip transforms into a serpent that attacks an enemy group for extra damage.


Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica can use Serpent's Bite after allocating 100 skill points into her whip skill. It deals 160% -> 130% -> 110% -> 80% -> 50% -> 30% damage for 8MP, and has the Strike/Rock element.

Dragon Quest IX

Serpent's Bite can be used by any character that has the 'Working with Whips' (quest #74) item in their inventory. It attacks a group of enemies twice with proper Earth damage for 16MP.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Serpent's Bite appears as a combo finisher for Jessica, used when she performs three light attacks in a row, followed by a heavy attack. When used, she creates a jagged pillar of rocks from the ground that will damage any enemies near it.

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