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The Seven Sages are the people that stopped the Lord of Darkness, Rhapthorne, from taking over the World of Light. With the help of Empyrea, they trapped Rhapthorne in the scepter.


In the distant past, Rhapthorne, a powerful demon who had previously conquered his own homeworld, the World of Darkness, invaded alongside his loyal armies the World of Light, as the monster had plans to forcibly re-merge together the two realities back into the primordial chaotic world for him to rule supreme upon. His conquest however was halted by seven men possessing superior magical powers, which later became known as the Seven Sages.

A powerful and kind mystical bird with the power to travel across dimensions, decided to aid their righteous quest, and became know to them as Empyrea the Godbird. She assisted the Seven Sages in creating the Godbird Sceptre, a mighty magical staff which was used in sealing away the soul of Rhapthorne within it. The Sages tried to make certain that Rhapthorne could never rise again, tieing the power of their seal to that of their blood lines. So long as one of their heirs lived on, the seal would remain.

Shortly after their victory against the Lord of Darkness, the Seven Sages were confronted by Juggerwroth, Rhapthorne's most powerful servant. Despite him being weaker than his master, the Sages, still recuperating from their earlier fight, were unable to finish off Juggerwroth, instead they were forced to cast a magic ritual that turned the monster into stone. Hoping he would never break free from his imprisonment, they then hid his stony remains inside his own underground base, the Altar of Wroth. After that, each the Sages took their separate ways.


The seven people who helped Empyrea seal away Rhapthorne into the Godbird Sceptre were as follows:

  • Kupas: Sage of the Green Orb. A powerful magician, he became friends with an elf girl and a Gigantes after he found them unconscious. Together they founded the city of Tryan Gully, a somewhat hidden away place where peaceful monsters, humans, dwarfs and elves alike all lived together in harmony. Because their life spans are far greater than humans', Raya and the Gigantes are still alive to this day. Before his death, Kupas asked them to carry out his wish to never let anyone forget how Rhapthorne terrorized the world, as well as safeguard the Darktree Leaf, a leaf from a special tree from the World of Darkness that Kupas had previously retrieved, holding the power to act as a compass towards the most evil being currently in existence. His true heir is David. Realizing how easy it would be for Rhapthorne to target his descendants, Kupas charged one of his human companions to hide his bloodline. Kupas conferred his magical power to his friend for they to pass on to their own family, in this way hoping that Kupas's own descendants would be safe from discovery by the dark master or his servants. Through time, that charge was forgotten and the bloodline now holding Kupas's magical might became convinced of being themselves Kupas's lineage. Kupas' plan to fool Rhapthorne however, unfortunately failed, as Kupas' friend as a misguided act of loyalty, unwittingly undermined the plan by casting a spell to make it so that the destiny of both families would forever be intertwined. This lead Dominico, the current holder of the magical power to keep around David, a boy he had saved despite feeling great irritation towards him, and likewise David continued to stick with Dominico despite the latter's many abuses. So, when Rhapthorne came for the life of the sage's descendant, he was immediately able to recognize David as the true holder of the bloodline rather than Dominico, the descendant of whom Kupas charged to protect the true blood.
  • Golding: Sage of the Yellow Orb. He was a very able fighter and considered the mightiest of the seven sages. His heir is Mr. Golding.
  • Alexander: Sage of the Blue Orb. He was skilled in Sword fighting and Magic and was a great sculptor, having sculpted the Goddess Statue on The Holy Isle of Neos, where Rhapthorne's body and palace were sealed. He is the ancestor of the Kranbartle family, who reside in Arcadia, and the Albert family of Alexandria, who inherited his bloodline after Alexandra, a Kranbartle who sculpted the goddess statue in the Tower of Alexandra and the chosen heir at the time, married into the Albert family. Alistair inherited the swordsmanship and Jessica the magical prowess. Although they are both descended from Alexander, Alistair was chosen as holder of the bloodline.
  • Kadan: Sage of the Red Orb. A renowned scholar, his descendants are Marta and her son Marek, though Marta is the chosen holder of the bloodline.
  • Gozo: Sage of the Purple Orb. One of the greatest sorcerers who ever lived, his descendant is Rylus.
  • Regnar: Sage of the Silver Orb. He was revived from death in order to aid the other sages. He was closer to the Goddess than anyone else, and it was he who named the Godbird Empyrea. His descendant is the Lord High Priest.
  • Eagus: Sage of the Gold Orb. He was the youngest of all the sages at the age of six and son of the Goddess who foretold that Rhapthorne would return someday to threaten the world. His descendant is Abbot Francisco. After his final battle with Rhapthorne he would later sacrifice his life so that others might live. He would spend the last of his days on an elevated plateau in the Farerbury Region, where alongside some monster companions, he created a small shrine with an inscribed stone tablet, warning the future generations of Rhapthorne's danger and the identities of the sages's heirs during his return. Sadly, his hopes that at least one of them may live to preserve the seal were dashed when all of them passed away. His spirit final act before departing to the afterlife forever was to directly address the party after they break through the barrier guarding Rhapthorne.

Heirs of the Great Sages[]

And their descendants were:

  • Master Rylus: Dhoulmagus's former master. A strict and crotchety renowned magician residing in Farebury, he was the first person King Trode and the team sought out for guidance. Unfortunately, he had died under suspicious circumstances before the beginning of the game, with his house burned down to cinders overnight shortly after a certain cackling jester was spotted around town. In the 3DS version, in a flashback shown to the party thanks to the fortune teller Kalderasha's crystal ball, it is revealed that it was Rylus's own involuntary emotional abuse of Dhoulmagus that spurned the latter in his attempt to steal the Godbird Sceptre, the act that started the chain-of-events that lead to the resurrection of Rhapthorne. Rylus then became the first victim of the returned ancient evil, tragically just as he had completed an elixir he intended to gift to Dhoulmagus so that him would unlock his latent magical potential.
  • Alistair Albert: Jessica's older brother and one of Alexander's descendant. Alistair was protector of Alexandria and the East Tower. One night, the door to the Eastern Tower was found open. Patrolling up to the top floor, he was confronted by Dhoulmagus, who then underhandendly immobilized him with magic. Unable to draw his sword and defend himself, Alistair was quickly slain by Dhoulmagus' hand, becoming his second victim.
  • Abbot Francisco: A descendant of Eagus and childhood friend of the Lord High Priest, he was the one who raised Marcello and Angelo after they lost their families, among many lost and displaced orphans. Abbot Francisco was murdered, as the third casualty in his series of homicides, on the second floor of his living quarters in Maella Abbey by Dhoulmagus.
  • Mr. Golding: Golding's descendant, Mr. Golding was also an able fighter who once took down a troll with his bare hands. He was the owner of the casino of Baccarat until he was targeted for murder as Dhoulmagus's fourth victim. Mr. Golding was killed by Dhoulmagus behind his upstairs couch, but he was able to severely injure his assailant, forcing Rhapthorne to make Dhoulmagus retreat inside the Dark Ruins, where the Lord of Darkness planned to heal and transform his somewhat lackluster vessel into a stronger and more monstrous form.
  • David: Descendant of Kupas. Like all of Kupas's descendants, David was living in Tryan Gully under the care of Raya and the Gigantes who founded the city with his ancestor long ago. However David decided to travel the world and one day he collapsed around the vicinity of Arcadia. Dominico took him in and healed him and as a gesture of gratitude David began working as his servant. Dominico however began mistreating him, unaware of his responsibility to protect him from Rhapthorne. David was killed as Rhapthorne's fifth victim when Domico's ill-tempered dog, Sir Leopold made the poor choice to pick up the Godbird Sceptre, which was shortly before blasted out of the hands of a possessed Jessica. Immediately falling into the Lord of Darkness's control, the dog skewered the young man near his now former cage, killing him. Only after seeing David's dead body, did Dominico realize the truth behind his bloodline and truly feel ashamed of his past treatment of the boy.
  • Marta: An old herb doctor from the Orkutsk mountains. She lived a quiet life among the snowy hills alongside her gentle dog Boris, while her own son Marek was living in the nearby town of Orkutsk, healing people as a doctor thanks to her teachings on herbal medicine. Having taken control of a massive pack of Hellhound wolves, Sir Leopold torched her cottage but she was able to hide herself and Boris inside a protective barrier among the ancient ruins left by her ancestor behind her home. Unfortunately Marek came to visit during the attack and was taken hostage by the evil-possessed dog. Despite her brave attempt to save her son and retreat, Marta was killed by Sir Leopold outside her cottage but not before she entrusted to the party the Ultimate Key.
  • The Lord High Priest: The highest authority in the world's religion. Despite the widespread corruption inside both the church and the Knight Templar's Order, the Lord High Priest still remained a shining beacon of rectitude and kindness. In order to reach his floating residence at Savella Cathedral, Rhapthorne made his Sir Leopold vessel sprout wings. In order to locate the flying canine across the vast skies, the party was forced to make a brief visit to the World of Darkness to ask for Empyrea's assistance, which she provided thanks to the soul of her deceased offspring, as well as retrieve the Darktree Leaf from Tryan Gully. Shortly after Sir Leopold was defeated by the party he collapsed due the shock, and he was covertly killed by Marcello, who had succumbed to his own ambitions of power. Despite the seal being broken, Rhapthorne was initially unable to take of control of the man thanks to his strong individual will but, after the party was forced to defeat him in battle to put an end to his coup, Marcello was weakened enough for the Lord to take complete hold on him, immediately reuniting his soul with his body hidden inside the giant Goddess statue and made his citadel rose from the depths of the earth, devastating the Holy Isle of Neos in the process.


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