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Sheen is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series.


Lifts curses from anyone afflicted.


Dragon Quest III[]

Making its debut, it is learned by Mages and Sages at level 30 and costs 18 MP to use.

Dragon Quest V[]

Learned by the Hero's Son at level 20, recruited Grudgerigars at level 18, and recruited Samiginas at level 20, it acts the same as in III and costs 10 MP to cast. It is also learned by recruited Hades helms at level 8.

Dragon Quest X[]

Only appearing during the Dark Nokturnus Dream sidequest story arc, it is an ancient spell that the Hero's Elf body was trying to revive before it died. It is found on an ancient scroll in the Boundary Room by Asanagi, who uses it on an army of Demon Greeters and Bedmares while removing the Nokturnus engraving on the Hero's chest.

Dragon Quest XI[]

Sheen is used by Princessa to rid the townspeople of Moonahan of their dog curse so she could return to her dog curse while waiting for her cousins to undo hers, though she requests the Luminary and his companions' aid in fetching her Magic water. Once an elixir of magic water is obtained, Princessa casts the spell, though remains a dog until the Princes of Midenhall and Cannock can break her curse, as fated in history.

Dragon Warrior Monsters[]

Called CurseOff in this game, it requires the monster to reach level 7 with 27 MP and 24 intelligence. It is naturally learned by the DeadNite, FloraMan, TreeBoy and WindMerge, costing 2 MP to cast.

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2[]

CurseOff now requires 44 intelligence to learn. It is naturally learned by the AquaHawk and costs 2 MP to cast once again.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[]

Other languages[]

Other languages
French Désenvoûtement
German Schimmer (Stars)
Antifluch (M)
Dutch Unknown
Norwegian Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Korean Unknown

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