Shepherd is a beginner vocational class in Dragon Quest VII.


The shepherd is a man of the field. They use the field in order to attack and defend in battle.


Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 135
Strength -15 Percent
Agility Null
Guard -20 Percent
Intelligence Null
Appearance Null
Max HP -20 Percent
Max MP -30 Percent

PS1 Abilities

Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Beginner Nothing 0
2 Novice Antidote 8 One Ally Cures one ally of poison 2
3 Farm Hand Heal 17 One Ally Heals ~30HP to one ally 2
4 Slop Feed Slumber 33 Field Every step will restore 1 HP/MP to the caster. However, the caster will be asleep in the next battle. 0
5 Swain Whistle 52 Field Causes monsters to engage in battle. (Doesn't work in towns) 0
6 Fleecer Nothing 70
7 Herder Wool Guard 90 All Allies Reduces cold damage to all allies 0
8 Sheep Lord Stampede 135 All Enemies Attacks random enemies four times 0

Hybrid Abilities

Hybrid Learns Target Info MP
Bard Ram Song One Group Has a chance of putting one group of enemies to sleep 0
Cleric Increase All Allies Increases the defense of all allies 3
Dancer Ram Dance Does nothing 0
Fighter Ram Attack Self/One Enemy Reduces self and one enemy to 20% HP 0
Mage Sleep All One Group Has a better chance of causing sleep in one group of enemies 5
Warrior Mineuchi One Ally Cures one ally of sleep and confusion 0

3DS Abilities


The Shepherd class's best skill is Whistle, which induces a battle any time the party is on the field. This is great for quickly leveling up class tiers and regular levels. The Wool Guard skill also protects the party from cold damage, good against monsters who use cold breath attacks like Gracos. Stampede works like Ruff's Howl attack

In terms of evolution, the Shepherd, when combined with the mastered Thief class, becomes a Tamer and learns all sorts of breath attacks. However, its main advantage is to tame monsters for the Monster Park. For battles, a Tamer is essential but for those just going through the game, there are better classes to become than a Tamer.

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